Random Palestinian Arrests By Caroline Miller

50 years ago, Israeli forces began even more Palestinian territory than what they already taken.

Since then, more than 800,000 Palestinians have been detained by Israeli forces.

Even worse than the unimaginable suffering - Most of the prisoners have done nothing wrong

Who are these innocent victims?

  • Palestinians, including men, women, and childrenĀ are being wrongfully arrested without reason.
  • Several members of Palestine's Legislature have also been targeted and detained by Israeli forces

Where is this happening?

  • All over Palestine. Specifically in the capital, East Jerusalem, and throughout the entire Gaza strip.
  • Although they are arrested in Palestine, Palestinians are held in Israel, illegally.

What exactly is going on?

Everyday, families in Palestine are violated and torn apart by Israeli soldiers. They break into houses late at night, arrest one or several family members, then take them away to an unknown location without giving a reason. Palestinians are also forced to obey implausible laws enforced by soldiers, and if they are even suspected of breaking a law, they are arrested. The conditions of the prisons that Palestinians are held in, usually for an indefinite amount of time, are horribly unliveable.

"I was completely isolated. I did not see day or night. It was like being inside a grave."

-Amal al-Sada: imprisoned for a year for trying to give her jailed brother a SIM card

It's technically illegal for Israeli officers to arrest children under the age of 12, but that doesn't stop them. Minors are arrested for "crimes" like throwing stones, and after they're arrested, like adults, they're held illegally in Israel where it's illegal for their Palestinian parents to go, so they're torn from their loved ones for an unknown length of time. Children also have to be careful everywhere they go, being sure not to look suspicious in anyway because soldiers are always watching them. On their way home from school, children must always be aware of the constant threats of beatings and tear gas.

Why is this happening?

Palestine and Israel have been at war over possession of the Gaza Strip on and off for decades.

  • The conflict ultimately goes back to the mass movement of Jews to Palestine after WWI to escape discrimination in Europe and occupy their religious homeland. They slowly took over most of the country, and after the Holocaust, officially created Israel in 1948 as a designated home for Jews, disregarding any Palestinians of other religions that already lived there and leaving their country a fraction of the size of what it was before.
  • Gaza was originally left to Palestine, but especially in the past 10 years Israel has been pushing for control of Gaza. Serious tension has been created because of this, and there are frequent arrests and shootings of Palestinians in Gaza
  • Israel has tried to justify their, truly spiteful, recent arrests of Palestinians by claiming that the "criminals" have been caught inciting violence through Facebook posts. 130 Palestinians were arrested in the last three months of 2015 and 148 more in March, 2016 alone on those grounds. Israel has not officially written a law incriminating Facebook posts, but they have sentenced seven years in prison for such a crime.

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