The Benefits of Attending Minecraft Camp

Minecraft is a very immersive and open ended game; it lets kids customize their own world in it. Kids can be creative or analytic while playing. The flexibility of game makes the game of Minecraft, most loved game in the history of games for kids. The kids spend lots time crafting items, recipes and surviving monsters but there is a lot kids don’t know they can do in Minecraft.

The game of Minecraft can be taken a step further and kids can mod the game to add their unique components to it. They can build a specific weapon that can summon lightening or a bow that can teleport them to a different world. Kids can tinker with Java code, the program the game of Minecraft is built with and totally change the experience of game.

At Vision Tech Camps, we teach kids the basics of Java programming with Minecraft. Kids are motivated to learn to code in Java as they can get an advance playing experience. Kids are already spending time playing the Minecraft then why not let them learn new STEM skills too. Of course, writing a bit of code for their games won’t turn them into a Larry Paige overnight. But we guarantee that the Java programming skills they develop will transfer to a keen interest in programming languages like Python, JavaScript or even building their own iPhone Apps.

Our Minecraft Camps are offered in Danville, Saratoga, Piedmont, Lafayette and Berkeley. We started out with just offering one Minecraft camp but now we have five Minecraft summer courses. In Minecraft Server- set up cam kids set up their own private server and set up their own private group. In Minecraft Mod pack camp customize the game of Minecraft with their own favorite Minecraft Mods

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