Growth Project By: Lauren DiFabio

For this assignment we were supposed to chose an extinct or rare animal and make a stamp out of it. I chose the red-eyed tree frog. This frog has slowly been disappearing, and starting to become more and more rare.

Assignment Parameters:

  • Extinct Animal
  • Animal had to touch 3 sides of final stamp
  • Show mastering of stamping
  • Show texture and real details on your animal
  • Create 10 stamps once animal is cut out

Goal: Creating an extinct animal or plant stamp using line and other art principles to show depth, texture, etc.. within the 2-D stamp.

Design Challenge: Making a linocut design and stamp successfully without a lot of blank space.

Planning Process: While trying to decide what animal to chose, I looked up rare/ extinct animals online. A whole list came up, but the red-eyed frog stuck out to me. So I chose that and knew exactly what I was going to do. I would make the background plants or nature , and then the frog in the middle.

Feedback + Reflection: When asking the people around my table and in the class, they thought my frog idea was very unique, because no one else in my class had chosen to do a frog for their project. I reflected back on all their positive feedback towards my idea and started sketching my frog.

First sketch

Process: To begin I started by making a smaller version of the final product on the green test plate. At first I put the frog around or "hugging" a tree, with some of the leaves hanging down. I cut out the whole frog so it would print white and left the rest in. Once I started on my final, I decided to change my background to a leaf to show how small the frog really is, with the frog hanging on to two stems of a plant. This time using the cutting tool on the linoleum I cut out the whole background and left the frog so the frog would print black and most of the background white. When I finished cutting out I printed 10 stamps, to make sure one of them was perfect.

Problems and Solutions: Some problems I faced were when cutting out a lot of the linoleum, if you dug too deep with the cutting tool the bottom side would show through. To fix this I used a different size cutting tool, so that it wouldn't cut out as much. Another problem I faced was trying to figure out what lines to cut and not to make the details show the best. To solve this I colored in with sharpie what I needed to not cut out.

Final Stamp Product

Evalutaion: I think for this project I did pretty good on demonstrating design principles. I could have added a little more detail to my animal to make the stamp look more realistic, but I used all the principles needed to complete this artwork. I also worked hard during class, was not off-task, and did as many stamps as possible to make sure my last and final one was the best it could be.


Created with images by Sonja & Roland - "red-eyed tree frog" • Sahara Frost - "Red Eyed Tree Frog-Agalychnis callidryas" • sandid - "tree frog jump falling"

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