My Grade 9 Self By: Kamryn Sharpin


Over the years I have participated in many different physical activities such as; figure skating, soccer, gymnastics, ballet, crossfit, hockey, and in public school, every school sport (soccer, basketball, volleyball, and 3-pitch). It was very beneficial participating in so many sports, I got to try sports I had never tried before and see what sports were for me and what sports I didn't like as much. Every summer my family and I go camping; we have a trailer that we have taken across the country, from here, Ontario all the way to Prince Edward Island. I benefited by being able to explore different parts of Canada and spend time with my family. I also babysit regularly, everyday after school for one family and occasionally weekends, week nights, and P.A. days for many other families. Babysitting is very beneficial, I get to make money and experience taking care of a range of different aged kids, from 7 months old to 7 years old.

Fitness Testing

The beep test. I experienced an increase in my score. At the beginning of the semester, I ran 8.2. By the end of the semester, I ran 9.4. I think my score increased because I worked hard during class so my cardio improved and I was able to last longer.

Field Hockey

I enjoyed playing and learning field hockey, but there were some challenges. The difficulties of learning any new sport are usually similar. Learning new skills and how to do them properly, the rules, the "language" of the sport (what the names are of the shots and passes). The most difficult part of learning this new sport was having to learn so much so fast.

Track and Field

If I were to join the Listowel Lightning Track and Field team, I would choose to participate in the 1500m and the 800m. I have never really been able to run fast, but I could run far. I know now that I am a long distance runner so I would want to participate in the longer races. To train or to improve in this event I would likely go for regular jogs, whether it's on the treadmill or down the trail. I would want to improve my cardio.


How to hut a football... First you will need to place your feet about double your shoulder width. Then you will need to bend your knees because you will have to put your hand(s) on the ball. You will then bend over ready to throw the ball and wait for the quarterback to say "hut" or something like "blue 42 hut". After the quarterback says "hut" you will toss/throw the football between your legs to the quarterback at his/her chest area.


Volleyball isn't a very hard sport to learn. It also isn't as high-intense as other sports like football or hockey, were your going/moving fast and working hard all the time. A lot of non-athletic people will likely choose volleyball over other fast-moving sports because it doesn't use a lot of energy. The rules and scoring are also fairly simple compared to other sports; score goes up by ones (unlike football and basketball), only 3 touches on each side, and the volleyball can't touch the ground, etc.


I enjoy playing doubles better than singles. You can rely on your partner to get the birdie back over the net if you can't unlike singles. Although the court is smaller in singles, you have two people on court in doubles so technically you have a smaller space to cover. You also have a better chance of getting it over the net because there is less open space. That is why I prefer doubles over singles.


Strong decision making is very important in high school. It is important because in high school you can make a lot of bad decisions like doing drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol. Another big decision is whether or not you do your homework/studying, this could make the difference between passing or failing exams and tests. Making a decision about who you are friends with is another big decision that you need to be smart about. You want to be friends with people who don't make bad decisions themselves.

Advice To My Grade 9 Self

Some advice I would give to a Grade 8 entering L.D.S.S. would be... Choose your friends very wisely. Don't try to change who you are to fit in or be popular. Always do your homework, it will pay off in the long run. Don't make bad decisions, like doing drugs or alcohol. And finally, pay attention in class and you will likely pass everything.

My Grade 9 Self

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