Welcome to the trans-labrador highway Dirt Road Diary

The Route We Took: Rte 389 N / E to Rte 500 (Road in decent condition due to light rain. Anticipate dusty, groomed trail on dry days)

Lodging: Two Seasons, Labrador City, NL, CA

Food: Restaurant at the Hotel (Don't order the house white wine. House red isn't great, but better than the white.)

Driving from Manic Cinq to Labrador City on a glorified snow mobile path:

Up and at’em the next morning, we were fed, showered, and on the road by 11 AM, which by Canadian standards is late. Ok, by my mom’s standards it’s late.

The pavement ended shortly after leaving the Manic-Cinq facility. Mom and I used to joke about a “Pavement Ends, 13 mi.” sign was saw in South Dakota once. Literally, the pavement ended, and we were on a dirt road for 13 miles. That doesn’t even come close to this experience.

Pavement ends

There’s a sign for pavement ends in Canada. Not a written sign, but a pictorial. And when they post that sign, it means for a long time.

We set out on our drive from Manic-Cinq to Labrador City, more than 300km, the majority of which were unpaved. Luckily there was a constant drizzle that kept the road in quite good condition - it wasn’t so rainy that big puddles were created, but it was moist enough that there wasn’t any dust.

moody pavement post rainstorm

It was a good drive. There weren’t many signs, other than those warning of moose and requesting you not litter. Canada seems very interested in being neat and orderly, as well as, protective of their environment. There are far more recycling opportunities on this trip then our Wyoming, Montana, Idaho (FYI).

Hello, Labrador!

We arrived in Labrador City with plenty of daylight, and found our hotel easily. It was two doors down from the Trans-Labrador Highway and next to a petrol station, so we saw no rush to search the city for the things we needed (lodging and gas). After checking in, lugging our stuff to the room, and quickly discussing our ‘next steps’ ... we went to dinner.

Civilization had returned. We had comfortable beds, a clean, well-equipped bathroom, and services at our disposal. We made a reservation for Churchill Falls, and went to bed.

A word on Sears and Canada ... There are plenty of Sears signs throughout Canada. I'm not certain if they are mostly catalog shops, but they are quite regular. IGA, too! They are doing great things here. Didn't even know catalog shops still existed with the advent of the Internet.

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