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I am excited to learn more about philosophy and actually have a class where discussions are prevalent. Most classes you can't get that, plus people told me that Mr. Austin was cool so that's good 🤙🏻. Life examination is needed, the person who's quoted is saying that if you don't spend your life learning about the nuances of life, then what's the point?

January 20th

1. Always ask questions, never just agree without curiosity. 2. Learn for yourself the ways of life not by what you're told. 3. You should love learning your essential truths in life. 4. Be weary of bunching things together, every situation/problem is met with it's own set of problems and constraints. 5. Form opinions from several viewpoints. 6. Learn from all perspectives. 7. Do not be afraid to change your stance or opinion on something. 8. Simplicity in life is a good thing. 9. Find your essential truth. 10. Live for your own personal good.

January 26th

During our research of philosophy in the 1800s, the thing I found the most interesting was the rise and popularity of Individualism. It was this time period that many people stopped turning toward their faith to answer all of their questions. Self-reliance became ubiquitous and transcendentalist beliefs grew in popularity.

January 31st

If I were to choose one of the the three to follow, I would choose Buddha. My reasoning is that in Buddhism you let go of attachments to material things that don't help you. You focus more on important things in life such as love, friendship and happiness.

February 2

Socrates would define wisdom simply as the admission to knowing nothing. And that is wise because you are putting your pride aside and willing to learn. In my own life I can use this because you should be able to admit to knowing very little and be willing to open your mind.

Unit 2

February 7

For example, when I was younger anytime I would see something that was different from what I was used to, I would shy away from it. Like if I saw a kid that dressed different or acted way different then me I wouldn't associate with them. On this sociological basis, no, I do not hold this belief anymore.

February 10

February 13

Insert answer here

February 14

In my opinion, we fall in love to feel more complete. I partly agree with Aristotle in regards to the two people complete a whole person. Friendship and a romantic relationship are the best ways possible to form a whole person.

March 1

In my opinion, knowledge is the probable understanding of something. The reason I say probable is because you can never be 100% sure of anything.

Unit 3

March 6

I would rate my argument skills as an 8. I like to argue, especially if it comes to sports. But I'm pretty reasonable and listen to everybody's arguments and will even change my viewpoint if the argument is good enough.

March 7th

Deductive reasoning is important in our daily lives because it allows us to figure out what is true and what isn't. You can problem solve. The assignment was a little difficult just because I'm not used to it.

March 8th

We use formal logic in our everyday lives. We use to solve everyday questions and simple things. And in any English class when you have to analyze things and give good reasoning.

March 10th

The fallacy I use the most is exaggeration. All the time I say things like "I'm 1000% sure" even though that is humanly impossible.


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