Christopher just A boy who RELATES to animals and has a complex sense of thought


My name is Christopher John Francis Boone. Welcome to my blog. I have a friend named Siobhan. Oh yeah, and I ran away from home to see mom.



Hi. My name is Christopher John Francis Boone. But you probably already processed that from my introduction. I have a complex sense of memory and thought and know numbers like the back of my hand. Did you know that I can name every prime number to 7,057? Yup! That's right! I also relate to animals and find them as or more important than people. I care most about dogs because they're honest, faithful, and caring. I do like Sherlock though. He thinks in a different perspective than other beings. I also like investigating like Sherlock. The more challenging the better. It keeps my mind off things.


Today I ran away from home. Well, technically I didn't run away. I'm just protecting myself from father. I want to see mother. Father lied to me you know. I thought that if you really really loved someone you don't lie. That means he doesn't really love me. So I'm off to see mother. Father said that she passed away in the hospital. She only went to London. She has been sending letters for a very long time. That's all for now.

I'm on the train now. I asked for directions from some people. I'm really nervous. Someone could hurt me. Also, an officer followed me. I felt safe at first. Now the officer knows that father is looking for me. So I feel a little less safe. The train is moving now. The officer isn't very happy. I should go sit in the bathroom. It might calm me down a bit.


My interests are very simple. I like numbers. I know most might wonder why. Well maths has always made me feel less nervous and keeps my mind working. I also like animals. Animals can be very smart. Some are smarter than people. I can connect to animals because they are loyal and people lie all the time.


Thank you for reading my blog.

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