The Ocean By: tori slagle

This video explains how the ocean is important to life on Earth by demonstrating many different reasons on the topic.

Ocean Current is related to Earth's climate by regulating temperature, helping to stabilize conditions on land and bring nutrients to Earth and all creatures living on it. Ocean currents form in any size oceans around the world. They range in size from small currents to large currents. They run in horizontal and vertical directions.
There are 5 zones of the ocean. Sunlit zone, Twilight zone, Midnight zone, Abyss, Hadal zone. They each have different characteristics that make them different.
The first zone is the Sunlit Zone which ranges in depth from 0-656 feet. This zone gets the most sunlight and has many plant forms living in this zone. Many animals swim and live in this zone like the sea turtle.
The next zone is the Twilight zone and ranges in depth from 656-3,280 feet. This zone doesn't get a lot of sunlight and no plants grow there. Some animals live there like squids and jellyfish.
The next zone is the Midnight zone which ranges from 3,280-13,123 feet. There is no sunlight and many animals which live there have no eyes. Snipe eel, tripod fish and anglerfish as well as many others can be found in this zone.
The second to last zone is the Abyss. This ranges from 13,123-19,685 feet. This is a zone far down. Most animals that live here don't have a backbone like sea spiders, blind shrimp and hagfish.
The last zone is the Hadal zone which extends from 19,685-36,197 feet and most of these depths are found in deep water trenches and canyons. Water temps are extremely cold with temperatures barely above freezing. Some life exists here like sea cucumbers.


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