Good Life Performance: The Divine Chesterson Etienne

The Spatial Experience

The constant theater has an overall beautiful atmosphere at first glance you may miss some of the great details that the theater has to offer but once you take the time to take it all in and enjoy every little detail. Being my first time ever in the consent theater I took the time get the full experience.

The Social Experience

The whole performance experience was amazing it was my first time seeing a play so I was excited for experience. I went to watch the play with my roommate who has a love for the fine arts.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Before the performance I never thought about how acting was viewed by churches as well as the injustice that went on in shoe factories. But this play open my eyes to the importance of the fine arts and why we need to preserve it.

The Emotional Experience

This performance impacted me in a powerful way because I think of myself as a person that is close to god and this performance brought so many things to lite. Also the great acting from the actors and actress was very impactful.


Created with images by Rick McCharles - "University of Florida Gators"

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