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The touring exhibit called Arboria Luminaria is currently in town at Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA. These are the few images I was able to capture with my favorite college gymnast in tow. I am constantly in search of architecture, shapes, and structures that tickle one's visual cortex. This did not disappoint. It was inviting, relaxing, even over-stimulating (the red dome). What I would give to have an hour alone with some models (gymnasts and dancers) in this beautiful space. Here are a few images we were able to capture. The exhibit is open through 7pm, Mother's Day, Sunday, 14 May 2017. For more in formation visit Architects of Air and Arboria Luminaria at Town Point Park .

Arboria - Main Dome

Inside the Green Dome

The Red Tree

The Blue Dome

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Grace Protzman


Grace Protzman Photography

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