LevelUp 2017 Keynote Jeff Bell

The energy you share with me, the love that you share, it powers every single moment of my life.

I believe that the founders of our nations wanted to have the purpose of government to be to protect the life, the liberty, and the property, from what they called the depravity of human nature, from the innate human capacity to use power to rule society rather than law.

You see, the founders knew that it was a double-edged sword, this government thing.

You arm officials with the power to protect you, but those officials have the same fallen human nature as everybody else. So who is to say that they won't use that power to oppress you? From Pharaoh, to Nero, to the Stuart kings, history teems with examples of despotic governments. Even the democratic republic the founders created had to be run by imperfect women and men. And thus, even it could turn into what Richard Henry Lee called an elective despotism. This issue extends into the interaction between citizens and corporations, and between citizens in our economy. If might makes right, if money decides all outcomes, meaning whoever has the money either makes the rules or wins when playing by the rules, then our society is not free.

So we must ask ourselves, how did we get here? I believe the system itself is brilliantly designed. Therefore, it must be how we interact with our government, with our economy, and with the law. I believe that part of our problem comes from the way that we are educated and raised. In school we are taught to obey, we are educated to become a cog in the industrial machine. But, my friends, that machine doesn't work so well anymore. We are taught to fit into someone else's dream rather than to pursue our own. In a job we are told what to do. In jobs and in school all we hear is, "Do as you're told." We are taught to think like an employee. We are taught to be a subservient citizen. We are just taught to obey.

Well, I say, out with the old and in with the new! Don't we all want to live free? Don't we all want to live equally with all of God's children? Don't we want love to rule, not hate? Don't we want justice, not power, to rule our lives? Of course we do. Of course we do. Well then, we must be the change that we desire. We must stop acting like employees. We must stop waiting for the government to reform. And we must reform the government.

In Ada, Oklahoma we proudly display our 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln and his quote, "Any people anywhere being inclined and having the power have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right, a right which we hope and we believe is to liberate the world." End quote. Thank you. We must embrace our civic responsibility to make things better. We must think like entrepreneurs, not employees. We must be creators and fixers and helpers and servant leaders. We must stop being the victims and become the victors.

You see, the solution we have creates a marketplace that connects previously unhappy, unfulfilled and underutilized lawyers and their law firms, and they match them with citizens who routinely forego their legal rights because they believe that the legal system is unaffordable, unaccountable, and unresponsive. You see, with LegalShield we create a community of citizens who pool their resources in order to access lawyers and law firms who previously were underutilized and not profitable. The next element of the system that is so critical for all people is that the system must be responsive, and this is where technology matters the most.

I believe that all citizens need really the equivalent of WebMD. If you think about it, WebMD didn't put doctors out of business. Instead, people use WebMD to become more prepared and informed before they go and visit the doctor. You see, we need exactly the same thing for our legal system. It's not to replace lawyers, but rather to help every citizen feel more prepared and more informed when they speak to lawyers. Citizens and lawyers also need secure and dependable technology to schedule, to connect, and to communicate with each other by audio, by video, and by text. This last requirement for our solution is that it has to be accountable. What we must build at LegalShield is to continue to improve connecting people, but once a client and a lawyer come together we must help to create the Yelp or J.D.

Power of this improved legal system, where is accountability for these services. We must make sure that when our clients, our members provide feedback to the lawyer, the lawyer in turn can receive training to improve upon their performance, and thereby, the system gets stronger and better and stronger and better.

My name is Jeff Bell and I am just getting started, because we are LegalShield and the best is yet to come.
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