How To Build A Popsicle Stick Bridge

Brexton Beard

Mrs. Untiedt

English 1A

March 19, 2017

How To Build A Popsicle Stick Bridge

Supply list: 300 Popsicle sticks, Elmer's Glue™, Paper Clips, Tape, Rubber bands, Weights, Newspaper, and Kleenex Boxes

Side 1: For this side you will need at least 50 popsicle stick, 1 bottle of glue, and 1-2 newspapers.

1st Step: You will need to cover your table/desk with your newspaper.

2nd Step: You will need to glue two popsicle together directly stick on top of each other. Do this 17 times.

3rd Step: You will have to glue the sticks together. You will need to do this by putting laying 5 of the double sticks on the table with a 3-4 in space in between each. Next you will need to glue a double stick over each of those spaces.

4th Step: You will have to do the same thing as the previous step except u will only use 8 double sticks instead of 9 and you will also have to do this twice.

5th Step: You will need to make 4 of the double sticks made in the previous step.

6th Step: You will have to lay the 8 stick long piece and lay it adjacent to the 9 stick long piece and at an angle.

7th Step: As you let that piece dry you can go ahead and make 10 triangles that will be used for supports.

8th Step: After those have dried you will have to put the triangular supports on to the main piece. You will do this by glueing a triangular support to the main piece as shown in the picture below.

Side 2: You will need to repeat steps 1-8 from the previous side.

Side 3 or Top: you will need approximately 20 sticks for this Side.

Step 1: You need place two Kleenex boxes in between your two pieces then rubber and the Kleenex boxes onto the bridge.

Step 2: You will need to have both of the sides and in an x form you have to glue your stick to the top of your bridg. (Use picture for reference.)

Side 4 or Bottom: You will need to repeat the previous steps and also use the picture for reference.

Final Thing To Do: After you have let your Bridge dry and have removed the rubber bands and Kleenex boxes. You just have to break it.

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