The Business English By: JERÓNIMO Moreno Jimenez

In this page, I will talk about many points related to the business, touching points such as grammatical structures and also vocabularies. It is divided into five units.

  1. Gaining experience
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Product and process
  4. Marketing and selling
  5. Vocabulary
Unit 1: Gaining experience (Present simple)

Is a form of knowledge or ability derived from the observation, the experience of an event or coming from the things that happen in life. I believe the wisdom and experience that my boss has since he is in front of everything.

Unit 2: Customer satisfaction (present continuos)

Well the attention we give our customers have always tried to make it the best possible and we think that it can be, apart our quality is the best products, the best materials out there, try to make the customer always satisfied. So, the whole team of this company, we are looking for those previous pubs to meet.

Unit 3: Product and process (present simple passive)

The process to elaborate a product in a company, depends very much of which product is, can be similar if the products are almost equal. Suppose that our company is dedicated to making bottled juices, then the process would be the next one.

  1. The raw material is purchased by the supplier of inputs.
  2. The end product are made by employees.
  3. Finally, the products are sold by the sellers, and the speed of vent depends a lot on the marketing that the company has.
Unit 4: Marketing and selling (Comparatives and superlatives)
  • A well-known company has to have better advertising than any other.
  • The income has to be higher than the expenses.
  • Apologize
  • Cash flow
  • Complain
  • Labour
  • Pellet
  • Process
  • Purchasing
  • Refund


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