Kendrick Lamar rap artist and civil rights advocate

“I’d go in certain parts of the world, and they were singing it in the streets,” he said of “Alright,” which became an unofficial anthem for the (BLM) movement. “When it’s outside of the concerts, then you know it’s a little bit more deep-rooted than just a song. It’s more than just a piece of a record. It’s something that people live by — your words.” – Kendrick Lamar in the New York Times
Visions of Martin Luther staring at me Malcolm X put a hex on my future, someone catch me I'm falling victim to a revolutionary song, the Serengeti's clone
“I think one of my biggest battles within myself is embracing leadership. You always grow up and you hate the term ‘role model.’ You would say, ‘I don’t wanna be a role model. I don’t want none of that.’ But in actuality, you are the biggest role model. It’s impossible to fight the title of role model. Especially when the type of music I make is so personal. People feel like they can relate to me or that they are me. They feel like they know my whole life story even though we from different worlds. So when I go out and meet them in public, I don’t get a response like, ‘Kendrick, will you sign this real quick?’ Or, ‘I wanna just take this picture with you.’ No, they want to have full conversations. I find out that they live their lives by my music and that right there is something.”
Good Kid, M.A.A.D City
“We part of the world. We part of the movement. So I think any awards, including the Grammys, should always push for more hip-hop because it’s music as a whole, it’s not just splitting different regions. Everything moves as far as sound and vibrations, and that’s how it goes. And we are a part of that.”

To Pimp A Butterfly

“I got a greater purpose. God put something in my heart to get across and that’s what I’m going to focus on, using my voice as an instrument and doing what needs to be done.”
“We gon’ be alright! We gon’ be alright!”

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