Calories ad Kathryn gutierrez p.1

Meals: breakfast: captain crunch cereal:108 cal, with milk:103 cal. =111 cal. Lunch: pizza: 285 cal, water: 0=285. Dinner: chicken:335 cal, mashed potatoes: 214 cal, soda:150=669 cal

That will lead to a total of 1,095! In order to burn that off, I need to workout. I will chose dancing, cooking,and squats. Dance:4 min. Cooking: 2 min. Squats:9 min.

To burn off the breakfast, I will work out with what was shown^. For dance, I need to dance for 28 min. For cooking, I need to cook for 56 min. Lastly, squats I need to do them for 12 min.

For the second meal of the day, dancing will = 71 min. Cooking = 143 min. Squats =32 min.

The last meal will be: dancing =167min. Cooking=335 min. Squats=74 min.

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