Through the Life of a Story Katherine Koach

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The Divine

As a theater kid and a BFA acting major, stepping into the theater is like stepping into your home. Seeing the stage bring so many memories are performing in front of a live audience. The only difference now, is that I'm watching from the audience. I was placed in the second row on the far left of the theater. It is not my ideal setting for watching a performance, but he gave me the opportunity to really become up close and personal to the actors and the show. As a lover of theater, I only wish that UF's theater would be larger in size.

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The Social Experience: While I personally did not attend the divine with any friends, I was able to look around and see people that I knew enjoying the same performance together. I did dress up a bit, as it is respect for the theater and the arts. Shared experiences help enhance communication and understanding between people. It allows people to interact, make memories, and create friendships.

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The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The central issue of the story Revolves around social oppression versus privilege. Talbot, A poor boy, must endure sexual abuse from a hierarchy in the church. Yet, even as there is little justice when Talbot goes to the new school, he is urged by his teachers to lie about the truth. Leo must work in harsh conditions with his mother in order to support Talbot's school funding. The performance enhanced my views, upon the fact that even though someone should rise up above their status there still vulnerable to being oppressed because of their past. This affects me not in the sense of wealth but in the sense of ethnicity. Although I am white in color my ethnicity and race is Hispanic and it is devastating to watch those around me of the same background being oppressed by those in power just because of who they are as a person.

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