Ms. Guerrero Assistant Principal

This is my tenth year in education, I absolutely love the work that I do! I believe that all students deserve the best education, teachers, and opportunities to attend college. My background is in primary education, I know firsthand how important the first years of school are for children. I will advocate for your child, and will ensure that our teachers set high expectations, differentiate and provide a nurturing environment that addresses students' social emotional learning.

Fui inspirada a entrar en la educación por mis maestros de primaria. Creo que todos los estudiantes merecen la mejor educación, profesores y oportunidades de asistir a la universidad. Mi fondo está en la educación primaria, sé directamente qué importante los primeros años de la escuela son para niños. Abogaré para su hijo y aseguraré que nuestros profesores pongan altas expectativas, diferencien y proporcionen un ambiente que nutre que se dirige al aprendizaje emocional social de los estudiantes.

I attended the University of Illinois of Urbana-Champaign and have a masters degree from DePaul University in bilingual bicultural education. I received my degree in leadership from Northeastern University.

I am a strong believer in setting high expectations for students. As a Resident Principal, I wanted to make sure we were exposing students to universities and helping them see college as part of their career trajectory. I am happy to report that we were able to bring more universities this year, Northwestern and Smith joined us for this year's College and Career Day!

I look forward to working with all stakeholders to make this year the best year yet! I welcome you to stop by and say hello.


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