ILMEA Large Group Festival High-Caliber Clinics | Renowned Evaluators | World-Class Venues

The ILMEA Large Group Festival Program is back in the Spring of 2020. These festivals will offer high-caliber clinics, renowned evaluator feedback and a performance experience in a world-class venue. Festivals would be structured in a noncompetitive format, with the focus being on ensemble and director growth.

Features of this festival will include:

  • extended panel with section, ensemble and conducting evaluators.
  • clinic time with a nationally respected educator.
  • time to watch other student ensembles in their festival performances.

The feedback an educator and ensemble will receive from an event like this will help progress the school music program's curriculum and serve as a building block for future performances and growth.

Cost: $275 for the first ensemble; discount of $25 off of each additional group from the same school building.

Schools must have submitted the 2019-2020 Participating School Fee and Form to participate in this program. If you have not paid this fee, you will be able to do so when registering for the Large Group Festival.


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