Battle of Moscow October 2, 1941-January 7, 1942

The battle of Moscow took place in Moscow Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. The battle was fought on land and air.
The battle was fought between German whose battle leader was Colonel General Heinz Guderian and Soviet Union whose battle leader was Marshal Georgy Zhukov.

The outcome of the battle was a strategic soviet victory German operation and tactical failure eventful failure of operation Barbarossa.

For Hitler, the Soviet capital was secondary, and he believed the only way to bring the Soviet Union to its knees was to defeat it economically. He felt this could be accomplished by seizing the economic resources of Ukraine east of Kiev.

Soviet: Western Front (Konev), Reserve Front (Budenny), Bryansk Front (Eremenko): 1,250,000 troops, 7,600 artillery pieces, 990 tanks, 670 aircarft.

German: Army Group Center (von Bock): 1,929,000 troops, 14,000 artillery pieces, 1,000 tanks, 1,390 aircraft.

Kyla Gauthier

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