Naruto shippuden masashi kishimoto

this is naruto uzumaki. he has a tailed beast inside of him. his parent are kushina and minato uzumaki. they both died to protect him. naruto dedicated his life to controlling the nine tails.and most of naruto life he was an outcast in the hidden leaf
This is obito. when he was young he got half of his body smashed.Also he saw his best friend died.And this made him take a evil road in life. then later in the story he became one of the major villains and heroes in the story and that obito.
this is sasuke. he is part of one of the most powerful clans in he village.when he was young he was scarred for life because his brother killed his whole clan.and from that day on he was dedicated to getting revenage on his brother.
this is sakura she is a main character but really dosent do anything. all she does is cry about sasuke and how he left her.and how that messed her up emotinal. so at the end of the book she gets strong and fight with naruto and sasuke


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