Canbury School Newsletter 20th March 2020. issue 188

Dear Parents and Visitors

Well this has been an 'interesting' week, hasn't it? The last four days have been pretty grim, and thank you for bearing with us with the number of emails, and handouts and information overload for next week. However, I cannot begin to tell you how hard your children and my staff have worked to completely change our whole delivery of the entire curriculum, with learning support and additional therapies to the remote platform that is now in place for next week and after the Easter holidays, over a 48 hour period. For a student population for whom 'change' is very difficult, your children have been heroic. The other heroes in this story are my staff. All my staff having to learn about Google Hangout about ten minutes before the students, and then explaining it to students as if they have been using it all their lives . . . Those staff who immediately volunteered to be in school next week to enable us to remain open for our most vulnerable students. Those staff who held your children yesterday while they had meltdowns or sobbed their hearts out about school closing and then carried them emotionally and cheerfully throughout the rest of the day. They have all gone over and above this week, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

In complete contrast, this morning has been joyous. Our very resilient Year 11 and 13 (Miles and Ben are pictured above) have had the school community write their goodbyes on their school shirts, they had a pizza lunch delivered to them and they were allowed to use their mobile phones in school all day - they were delighted with this break to the rules. We've had laughter in lessons and beautiful singing in Drama from Year 11 Cate and Year 8 Peter. A usual Canbury Friday morning!

Year 11 and 13 leavers - we wish you all well.

In this afternoon's assembly, the school said good bye to students in Year 11 and Year 13. We also said a surprising early goodbye to Mr Natt. I am hopeful that we will be able to hold a social event for Mr Natt in the Autumn term.

In assembly I also announced that I have decided to suspend my resignation indefinitely until I am happy that the school and students are secure and happy again. I have a play date with my granddaughter Felicity booked for every Tuesday but other than that, I shall continue to be Headmistress of Canbury after Christmas.

We are facing an uncertain few months ahead of us. I am positive that we will all get through this and it will be a better and more thoughtful world after it is over. May I remind parents/carers that if you can keep your child at home with you, you should. The schools closure directive is to avoid spreading the virus.

Canbury School goes fully remote as of Monday. Term ends at Midday on Friday 27th March following my first ever remote assembly to 113 students and staff, starting at 11.45am. During my assembly, I will also be drawing the raffle ticket for winner of the £50 Amazon voucher for the most house points collected - if you don't watch, you don't get the voucher . . .

Canbury School will re-open remotely on Tuesday 21st April 2020 at 8.00am. If there are any changes, they will be emailed to parents.

As I keep saying to all the students - it's going to be a huge adventure for us all!

Keep safe.

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Well done to the Year 7 gymnastics on Monday, pictured here doing three person balances. It was fantastic to see such trusting teamwork!

Congratulations to Ollie in winning a thrilling final to 4 Corners* in English.

(*4 Corners as the name suggests is the ultimate social distancing game. The PM might well be bringing it to people’s attention in tonight’s briefing on the BBC.)

Year 9

Shaaiyon - for excellent focus and enthusiasm while researching Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre.

"Larry" for his extremely perceptive comments in English. As ever, Otti also deserves a mention. The rest of the class (who were in) held up their end of things too.

Year 10

Fabulous effort from Seb in Spanish this week in particular on Thursday when he joined us on Google hangouts. Thank you to Armani for helping me set this up, said Mrs Porter.

A special mention for Harry B and his enthusiastic elbow bump greeting.

All of Year 10 for their fantastically well-focused, 'business as normal' attitude in English.

Year 11

Pascal for excellent effort in IT and Science.

Particularly stunning work from Amy this week in English, despite the exams rug being pulled from beneath her.

Mrs Mascari and her study period gang (James and Cate) are seen here wishing they were on a tropical island somewhere, far far away!


Pictures from last week's yoga and dance festival held at Guildford and which some of our Year 7s attended. Can you spot the greatest showman amongst them?!
Coronavirus or no Coronavirus, it was still business as usual this week at Canbury. Year 7s got stuck into Art (with Chloe and Jessica looking especially enthused), our Harry helped sort the (early Easter egg hunt), Felix blew us away with his look for a business interview, Harry B got ready for home learning, and Ned, well Ned made everybody feel better as we all tried to keep calm and carry on. Bravo Canbury - we rock!

House News

Karim - Green Star 30HPs

Thomas - Silver and Gold Star - 75 and 100HPs

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.....

We leave you with pictures of school closing today. Ms Clancy and Mrs Branney danced our students out to the sound of Kool and the Gang's 'Celebration'. Whilst school will be open next week for a limited number of children, the rest of us will be learning remotely from home before we break for Easter next Friday. Look out for the last newsletter of this term next week.