The Rock Cycle😎 By Aiden Wang

How does the rock Cycle work?

There are three main rocks which are igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Each rock are formed in different ways and all three can form into one of these rocks for example a Metamorphic rock formed into a sedimentary rock or an igneous rock forms into a metamorphic rock. That is what geologists call a rock Cycle. Did you know that Most of the rocks starts as an igneous rock?

How does a metamorphic rock form?

Metamorphic rocks are formed deep under the earth's surface, what causes the heat from this rock is caused by magma or intense heat collisions. Or another way to say it is when an igneous rock or sedimentary rock is exposed high pressure and high temperature. Metamorphic rocks have changed by the pressure and heat. Did you know that metamorphic rocks can form into igneous rocks? The metamorphic rock melts into magma and when a volcano eruption starts, the magma flows on the earth's surface which we call lava, the lava cools and hardens which it will become an igneous rock.


Created with images by danbri - "Larval Stage" • James St. John - "Mawsitsit (chromian jade) (Namshamaw Deposit, Hpakan-Tawmaw Jade Tract, Late Jurassic, 147 Ma; Maw Sit Sit, near Kansi, western Kachin State, Indo-Burma Range, northern Burma) 1" • James St. John - "Lapis lazuli (lazuritic metamorphite) (Sar-e-Sang Deposit, Sakhi Formation, Precambrian, 2.4-2.7 Ga (?); Sar-e-Sang Mining District, Hindu-Kush Mountains, Afghanistan) 1" • kevinzim - "serpentine texture"

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