Made in Clarkdale: Past-Present-Future A virtual exhibit at Clark Memorial Library

Celebrate the first ever virtual exhibit from Made in Clarkdale and Clark Memorial Library!

Clark Memorial Library is located at 39 N Ninth Street, Clarkdale, AZ 86324. The library is open Monday-Thursday from 1PM - 5:30PM and Friday from 8AM to Noon. In the month of August we are providing curbside and virtual services.

To sign up for a library card, call the library during regular hours at (928) 634-5423 or visit http://ycfld.org/selfreg.

Scroll down to explore this new virtual Art in the Clark exhibit at Clark Memorial Library! Click on any image to enlarge.

“Golden Bluff Trail”, pastel, 10x10, $350, by Christine Deb
“The whole world is a garden if you look the right way” F. H. Burnett
"Bleeding Hearts" and "Tuzigoot Indian Ruin," photography, by Lea Jane Parker
"Butterfly's Nest," photography, by Lea Jane Parker
By Randy Davis, spray paint
"Sunflower" and "Cambered Nautilus," photography, by Lea Jane Parker
"Water Lily Family" and "Water Lily," photography, by Lea Jane Parker
"Brain Slice," acrylic, 24x24, by Flo Flynn

"Inspiration for this piece came from viewing the Body Worlds 3 exhibit. The larger shape I sketched from a brain slice sample. The image came back in a dream in full color in which I added the eyes of the soul, a cell pattern and another window of opportunity to view the sky from."

By Marsha Foutz, ceramic
"Winged Escape," fantasy film, mixed media, $125, by Emily Miller

"This is the first framed wings piece I did around 2005 when my love affair with Fantasy Film began. I love combining nature with artificial materials!"

"Lovebirds," ceramic and acrylic, by Ann Metlay

"In constructing this piece, I was inspired by both Victorian precious art and the grotesque art of El Bosco. My challenge was to find an image in his work which I could depict in a 'pretty' manner. This piece is cold finished--treated, then painted with acrylic paints."

"Alive," ceramic, by Ann Metlay

"Sometimes I find life difficult, and so I carry mantras in my head to repeat over and over. The mantra carved into the bottom of this states, 'Alive upon this wonderous world, I sing, I dance, I pray.' This red and blue pot has three figures in it."

"Blue and Green Quatrix," ceramic, by Ann Metlay

"I have created a number of these textured four-sided vessels. This one represents the trees in the riparian zone along the Verde River."

"Mother (with her Hidden Child)," ceramic, by Ann Metlay

"I was horrified when I began to learn more about human trafficking. As a mother, I felt a burning desire to show others the protective nature of mothers, particularly when they are in danger. This woman hides a child within the folds of her skirt. Can you find it?"

"Scratched Face," ceramic, by Ann Metlay

"When I was posted to Nigeria, while in the Peace Corps, I was moved by the rhythm and poetry of the country. The face on this mask has tribal markings on his face. I loved the beauty and texture of these markings."

"Birdbath," ceramic, by Ann Metlay

"This bowl, constructed from a slab, has already been called into service!"

By Randy Davis, mixed media

Made in Clarkdale celebrates its 35th year of promoting the arts and artists of Clarkdale. This show features both artists that have been with the MIC since its inception and those that are showing for the first time. Their work spans the classic mediums of oil and clay to the contemporary mixed media and spray paint.

Thank you to the community for your support of Clark Memorial Library and public art, even when our doors are closed.

Clark Memorial Library is located at 39 N Ninth Street, Clarkdale, AZ 86324. The library is open Monday-Thursday from 1PM - 5:30PM and Friday from 8AM to Noon.

Thank you to the Friends of Clark Memorial Library, City of Clarkdale, Art in the Clark, and Yavapai County Free Library District for your support!


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