Religions Around the World closer looks of Hinduism, judaism, christianity, islam, and buddhism

Day 1 - I started with a closer look of Christianity today. I am currently in Jerusalem because it is one of the most sacred sites for Christians. Today I learned that there are 3 main branches of Christianity and those are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestantism. Today I have seen many different churches that are pointed towards the top and have a Christian cross on the top because it is pointing to god. The cross is the symbol for Christians. The holy text that the Christians follow is the Bible.

These are the pictures of the different churches. The first one from the left is a,Eastern Orthodox Church, followed by a Roman Catholic Church followed by a Protestantism Church. After that there is the christian cross.

Day 2 - I am going to Vatican City in Rome to find more about Christianity. I will reach there tomorrow.

Plane to Vatican City.

Day 3 - I just reached Vatican City. This is a very sacred and important site to Christians. Vatican City started with being just a church and now it is one of the most popular pilgrimage site for Christians.

These are a few photos of Vatican City. The left one is Jesus, the middle one is inside of a church in Vatican City, and the right one is a picture of popes.

Day 4 - I am in Jerusalem to find out about Judaism. The symbol of Judaism is the Star of David. I found the people wearing Yamakas and Kippas. I found out the holy text is the Torah in Judaism. This is a sacred site for Jerusalem.

The left picture shows a person wearing a kippah and a yamaka. The top picture shows the star of David. The bottom left picture shows Hanukkah. The bottom right picture shows the Judaism Church with the star of David sign on it.

Day 5 - I am in Mecca, Saudi Arabia to find out about the Islamic religion. I am in Mecca because the prophet Mohammed was born here and the religion was founded here. This is the most popular place for Islamic people. This is area is called Hijaz(which means backbone) because it is basically the backbone of this religion. I found that the Islam symbol is the moon and the Star. The Holy Text of Islam is the Qua'ran.

The top left photo is the mosque. The bottom left photo is the Islam symbol and the one on the right is a part of Mecca.

Day 5 - I am still looking around in Mecca. I also saw that the people wear Kufi/Taqiyah, Hijab, and a Burqa. Over here the Islam people pray 5 times a day. I learned that the 5 pillars of Islam are going to Mecca at least once, praying 5 times a day, giving money to charity, fasting during Ramadan, and understanding Shahadah.

The left and right photos are both mosques in which muslims pray 5 times a day. The picture in the middle is a picture of a person wearing a hijab.

Day 6 - I am now in India learning about Hinduism. It is a polytheistic religion. The holy text of hinduism is the Vedas. A sacred site to the Hindu's is the Ganges River as people put their ashes when they die there. A holy practice for Hindus is that they burn the person body when they die and then they take those ashes and put it in a safe place or where the dead person would have wanted it to be in. Usually the ashes are dumped in a river. In hinduism people wear kurtas, dhotis, and saris. In hinduism there is a caste system in which a person is born in and can't change like people from punjab are warriors and the child of the king is the king and the child of a priest is a priest. When people die everyone in the family goes to the funeral with a white kurta and pajama and the girls go in a white Sari.

All of the pictures represent a few of the many different gods in hinduism. There are billions more gods in this religion. The 3 with the 0 type of drawing is the symbol of hinduism.

Day 7 - I am now in Japan to find out about Buddhism. This is a religion where people believe in no gods. This is a religion that parted from Hinduism because they never believed in the caste system. The symbol of Buddhism is just Buddhist art to represent aspects of Dharma. Usually people in this religion wear Saffron robes and head dresses. The holy text of this religion is the Tripitika.

The left and middle photos are pictures of Buddha and the picture to the right is a priest who is wearing a saffron robe.


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