Endangered Rhinos By: Bella armstrong

Endangered Species: When something is endangered it means that its near extinction. The Rhino is a endangered animal. The Rhino is a large grey mammal with two big horns on their nose. They can weigh to about 3,100 to 5,100.

Where does it live: Many Rhinos live in Asia and Africa some even live on the Indonesian islands in Java. they need the basic needs that most animals have to have which is food and water.

Rhino Threats: Unfortunately a Rhinos horns are very valuable so many people called poachers hunt and kill rhinos for their horns. A rhinos horns used to be used for Chinese medical practices but tpday its used as a sin of wealth

The Impact: Because people are killing the Rhinos it prevents them from surviving and reproducing to have more Rhinos so their population is going down therefor making them endangered.

How to prevent it: Many people are making places for the Rhinos to stay out if harm there called reservations. Also the WWF is working with the government to have tracking on the Rhinos so they can protect them from poaching

Conclusion: The Rhinos is a very important species and we must do everything we can to protect it. People are out to hunt the Rhinos down and we need that to stop. Being endangered is not good because they could potentially be extinct and we cant let that happen.


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