Basketball Indiana's Past Time

Sequence: The History of basketball started in 1891, James Naismith came up with the sport basketball. He was assigned to teach a YMCA, Training school. James Naismith found out what the sport basketball was in Springfield, MA. The sport grew fairly quickly and grew popular as the 20th century. After it grew popular in collages the professionals started to follow.

Basketball and Basketball Medals

description: The size of a basketball court is 94 by 50. There are 4 quarters in basketball. In NBA there are 48 min but as I said they are split into 4 quarters with 12 min. Also the 5 positions on a court are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. For a person to out of a basketball game they need 5 fouls. There are also 2 types of fouls flagrant foul and a technical foul. A flagrant foul is on purpose like shoving someone or having physical contact. A technical is a foul that doesn't involve physical contact.

problem and solution: Injuries in basketball may occur a lot. Some injures that may occur the most are wrist, finger, ankle, knee, toe and tear in the ligaments. Ways to prevent tears are stretching. At least one of your players on every high school basketball team will get an injury. Girls have slightly higher injury rate according to Another way to prevent injures are weight lifting it helps make your muscles stronger.

Derrick rose injure

Cause and Effect: The rule of playing college basketball and playing pro are you have to at least play 1 year of college to go pro. I think this is bad because most of the time they think about cash. They have to be mature with money and other things. Theres also bad elements because kids that are 18-19 playing pro could invite friends from old neighborhoods to hang with them. It's also a huge change because when becuase when they enter the NBA they are now not the strongest and fastest as they used to be when they were in high school.

Compare and Contrast: Lamelo Ball is a basketball player who plays at Chino Hills in California and he has 3 brothers one of them is at UCLA and his other brother plays on the team with Lamelo ball. Lamelo is the youngest out of all 3 of them. All 3 brothers have signed to contract that committed them all to play at UCLA. Zion Williams plays at jekin High school that is located in Savannah, GA. Lamelo and Zion are different because Zion can be a point but mostly power forward. Also Lamelo cant dunk and Zion can. Also Zion body type is different because he is built different and bigger and stronger.

Lamelo ball
Zion Williamson


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