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Everyone who has ever had a Labrador Retriever dog for a pet knows what it's like to be loved unconditionally. In fact, humans have known this for centuries. The colloquialism “Dog is Man’s Best Friend” was first credited to Frederick II, King of Prussia (1712–1786). He referred to his Italian greyhound as his best friend.

Labrador Retrievers possess boundless energy. Each morning they wake with a need to expend this energy to be your best friend. Many labs love to run. They run through fields. They run through forests. They run along side their jogging friends. And, if they don’t get a chance to run, they can’t “be a good boy.” A lab who has not begun their day with a run, is highly capable of … destuffing couches ... eating socks … unraveling entire rolls of toilet paper … finding that cooling blueberry pie that is waiting for the family to enjoy after dinner ...See what I mean? As much fun as your lab can be, a well rested lab could be trouble. This is precisely why it’s a good idea to keep your best friend with you as much as possible. Enjoy his company and tire him out for a quieter end of the day.

Section 1: Scooby Doo and You… BFF

Your dog can be your best friend. What can you do with your best friend dog? Well … just about anything you can do with your human friends, you can do with your dog. For example, I enjoy hiking, reading and watching movies. My dog enjoys these same activities. He’s happy to do anything with me as long as he is with me. Your dog can be a great hiking buddy. When you have a big dog and take him into the woods with you, you feel safe. Your big dog provides companionship. He always makes sure he knows where you are. He never leaves you. His sense of smell is so good that he can always find you. My dog also enjoys time with me when I am reading. He either lays in his dog bed and naps while I read, or, he cuddles next to me when I am reading on the couch. Of course, if I am snacking, he is closer to me. Watching movies with my dog is similar to reading. Sometimes, when I react to a scary or funny movie, it surprises my dog. He pops his head up and begins to tilt his head trying to understand what caused me to react this way. Your dog makes a perfect best friend because he enjoys all the things you like to do. He just wants to be with his best buddy… you.

Section 2: Your Playful Pet’s Pastimes

Dogs enjoy anything that hints of fun or food. My dog loves anything that includes me (his favorite human) or another dog. He loves to lead us on a hike through the forest or across a farm field. He enjoys all the fresh smells, some of them terrible smelling rancid messes. No matter the smell, the stronger the better for my canine friend. He also enjoys being outdoors with other dogs. He prefers to be off leash himself. This unbridled freedom allows him to maneuver and run and explore to his heart’s content. Of course, all adventure comes to a screeching halt when food is involved. One whiff of a cooling pie or a newborn lamb and he’s lost interest in his own game plan. He pivots and follows his snout to the land of strong, pleasant or nasty smells. My dog enjoys life to the fullest and unending fun is his favorite way to live.

Section 3: Your Running Partner

Maniac Magee and Forrest Gump could take running lessons from a Labrador retriever. Your lab loves to run ... through fields, dodging trees, up mountains, down hills, to greet your neighbor's dog, to leap into your arms to adore you ... unbridled energy defines your lab. If you like to run or roller blade, taking your Lab with you can be great fun for both of you. While you are getting exercise, your pet is, too. He will remain fit as a fiddle

Section 4: Canine Cohorts

Labrador Retrievers are very social canines. They really act like huge toddlers. It's great to have furry friends for your pet. For many years, I had two dogs. As a dedicated teacher, I wanted to make sure my dogs had company while I was working. Having more than one pet in the house keeps my pets content when my attention is focused on school work. At times, I've also asked my neighbors for help. I've had a retired neighbor stop at my house to give medication to my pets while I've been at work. When I've had to be away from home, I've had neighbors care for my dogs. When my dogs became very old, I had a pet sitter stay at my house to care for me beloved pets.


Your doggie pals can bring years of enjoyment to their owner if their owner invests in their well being. Your pet wants to be your best friend so why not let him or her? The more good times you spend with your pet, the more experiences you give your pets, the more socialization with other pets will bring you great joy. To have a friend, you must be a friend. Be your dog's best friend.

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