Plant Organelles By:Isaac Zavala

The nucleus is the power source of the living organism. It provides and directs the cell activity. Make sure to stop in the nucleus to buy passes and tickets, its the main entrance.

Park entrance where you can purchase tickets and passes.

The mitochondria produces the cells energy. Which allows all of the rides to fully function and it's the light power source.

Power source of amusement park

Plant cells contain chloroplast and it captures sunlight to make into sugar for a plant. This attraction allows you to go through a sugar maze as your riding a roller coaster to fully understand photosynthesis.

Obstacle course Maze

The lysosomes get rid of waste by breaking down food particles and worn out cell parts. This amazing attraction is similar to a water ride as you slowly move through the different obstacles you get to break down into different activities such as:spinning, dropping form heights, and moving in fast motion.

Our largest water attraction.

The golgi sends materials to other cell parts. Which helps our amusement park stay clean It picks up our trash and transfers it to another place where trash is recycled and disposed.

Parks disposal

The Endoplasmic Reticulum moves materials from one part of a cell to another. The endoplasmic reticulum is an amusement park ride that you sit in and spin it resembles the teacups.

Teacup ride you can spin in

The cell membrane surrounds the cell and regulates what goes in and out. The cell is a beautiful landscape that surrounds the park giving it a beautiful view.
Cytoplasm is the jelly like substance around the cell. The cytoplasm is he amusement parks biggest water attraction and swimming area.

Amusement parks swimming area

Ribosomes is an internal component of a biological cell its responsible for assembling acids to form a certain protein. The ribosome is our largest gift shop for our amusement t park make sure to stop by and look at all of our souvenirs.

Souvenir shops are available at the amusement park

Stores food, water, and wastes. The central vacuole is our own food court and bathroom area. We have tasty food and great service.

Tasty food is available at the food court.

The cell wall supports and gives shape to the plant cells. Our landscape is part of our popular attraction. It gives vibrant color to the park and decorates the place beautifully.

Enjoy the beautiful landscape!

Thank you, please come and check out the plant cell amusement park!

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