Mars By jared Shurigar 12/13/16 GEO-SPACE Period 1

As many may know, we are traveling to mars. We are going to try our best to start to build a civilization. We cannot live on earth much longer, Its only a matter of time before the human race is gone. We will be launching December 8th, 2017 in Florida. This mission will last as long as possible. The shortest time they can be on the mission is 2.5 years because it is a 6 month travel to mars then they have to wait 18-20 months for the planets to realign. The main goal of the mission is to create a civilization on mars and possibly find signs of life on mars. Supplies were already launched that will allow them to last a lifetime on mars.

Isaac, Raul, Cross, and Elijah

Crew Selection -We have 4 astronauts who volunteered to go, Cross Goodwin, Raul Lopez, Elijah Garrison, Isaac Walden. All members get along great and have spacecraft experience. This crew is ready for anything that comes to them. Isaac Walden is our mechanic. He has worked on spacecrafts for 6 years and will be able to fix our spacecraft if anything is to happen. Cross Goodwin is one of our space craft pilots. He has 8 years of spacecraft experience. Elijah Garrison is our second spacecraft pilot. We must have at least 2 people who can fly the ship just in case. He has 4 years of experience. Raul Lopez is in charge of fixing any problems with the ships computer and the motherboard. They have gone through the radiation training, motion sickness training and a long list of test. They are ready.

The Shurigar

We have designed a very lightweight spacecraft that can withstand anything that is thrown at it. It travels at 1 million miles per hour. It would take about 33.5 hours to get to mars. It has walls that block out radiation and its big enough to carry supplies for 4 people to last a lifetime. The walls are also able to withstand a blast from a asteroid the size of a basketball because they are made of a mixture of titanium and aluminum. We have also have a newly designed mars vehicle that is designed to handle whatever you put in front of it. It also folds down to the size of a normal size backpack for travel.

The crew will live out of the spacecraft. They will take the things that are not necessary and store them outside. The space craft has a thermostat to keep them at the right temperature. It has a pressurizer that will keep them at the right pressure. The spacecraft is also equipped with spikes that dig down 15 feet into the ground and spikes shoot out horizontally so the spacecraft cannot move. They will have a lifetime supply of food, water, medical supplies, and transportation. The thermometer, Pressurizer, and vehicle all run off of CO2.

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