Elizabethan Era

Thesis: In the Elizabethan era there were many achievement and advances like in writing and theater.

Elizabeth 1

Quote #1:"Under Elizabeth, England advanced in many areas....formed a great trading company... other English adventurers explored the Caribbean region and the coasts of North and South America. English literature flowered... with the work of such writers as William Shakespeare . " (Bumgardner, 1)

Commentary #1:They achieved a religious settlement that established the Protestant Church of England. They also defeated the powerful Spanish Armada, a army of armed ship that were trying to take over or invade England.

Quote #2:"The Elizabethan Age is sometimes called the Golden Age , because it was a time of great achievement in England ."(Bumgardner, 4)

Commentary:This shows that Elizabeth was a strong ruler who gained loyalty and admiration. This quote shows that when Elizabeth ruled it was a great time to live with new achievements and new things happening.


Quote #1:”English literature flowered during the Elizabethan Age, with the work of such writers as Francis Bacon , Ben Jonson , Christopher Marlowe , Edmund Spenser , and William Shakespeare . ”(Bumgardner, 4)

Commentary:This quote shows that English and writing was big in Elizabethan age. In the quote, it shows that many people succeed in writing in this time such as William Shakespeare, that was the world's greatest dramatist and the finest poet in England.

Quote #2:"He is the most famous writer in the world..."(Anderson, 1)

Commentary:This quote shows that Elizabethan era was very big in writing. And that it produced one on the most famous writers in the world and that they were very good and achievement some greatness.

Quote #3:"Shakespeare's plays are still produced all over the world...if Shakespeare were alive, he would be receiving $25,000 a week in royalties..."(Anderson, 7)

Commentary:This shows that Elizabethan made one of the best writer and that Shakespeare's writing is so inspiration that he's writing is still being play all over the world. Also, that his writing is so genius and loved that he would make tons of money.


Quote #1:"Plays were originally performed by the all male medieval trade guilds, so all women's parts were played by boys."( Anderson, 7)

Commentary:This shows that women and girls still weren't treated the same that they made boys play women or girls. It also shows that in the Elizabethan era that women weren't respected and weren't allowed to do some things that men could do.

Quote #2:"People who go to plays often prefer to spend a long, long time watching the subtle development of conflicts among a small group of people, all in one setting."(Anderson, 7)

Commentary:This shows that in the Elizabethan era, people enjoyed writing and theater that they preferred to stay for a long time and watch people act. Also, it shows that people loved watching people act.

Quote #3:” In 1576, James Burbage built England’s first playhouse, called The Theatre, in a suburb of London. Until this time, drama had been performed in the streets, on church grounds, in homes and palaces, and at universities.”(Seidel ,33)

Commentary:In the time of Elizabeth, new achievement was made in the theater world.It shows that Elizabethan age was a time of writing and theater and made a mark on our world today as we use theater to perform plays and do improve and etc.

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