Contrast "My different personalities leave me in peace."- Anna Freud

A 21 year old girl, with black eyes and a brown long hair, wears a sweater that has Darth Vader's face from “Star Wars” with black pant, she sets on the bed with a small book with her hands. Her eyes are on the pages, we can see the author’s picture on the cover of the book it’s Mustafa Mahmood a great religious philosopher.
She closes the book, puts it down on the bed.
She stands in front of a closet that is full of soccer shoes. She looks at all of them as she's wondering what to choose. She moves her hands and takes a black shoes.
The girl stands on the balcony. She stares at a big football field.
The 21 year old girl walks down stairs wearing Real Madrid shirt, with a ball with her hands.
She puts the ball down on the floor and starts playing.
Then she goes to the kitchen and helps her mother in making the lunch .
Then she goes to the living room , turns on TV and the PlayStation, sets on the couch with a PlayStation controller with her hands .
The girl goes to her room and stands in front of a closet that is full of dresses. She moves her hand and takes a pink dress.
The girl stands stands in front of a shoes closet wearing the pink dress. She moves her hand toward the closet and takes a pink shoes.
She stands in front of her makeup closet and takes a red lipstick.

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