Understanding Earth Together GET INVOLVED WITH Applications of NASA ocean & atmosphere Data

NASA's Applied Sciences Program is designed to discover and demonstrate innovative uses and practical benefits of Earth science data, scientific knowledge, and technology.

Launching in 2022, NASA's PACE mission provides a unique opportunity for early involvement by the user community.

Our Applications Team is identifying and engaging potential user communities to ensure that data products maximize the usefulness and societal value of PACE observations.

Are you interested in...

Improving air quality forecasts?
Evaluating the impacts of volcanic eruptions?
Determining the health of our coastal waters?
Assessing changes in the productivity and biodiversity of our coastal ecosystems?
Helping with with oil spill monitoring and response?

Consider joining the PACE Early Adopter Program!

  • Engage in pre-launch research that will enable integration of PACE data into your application after launch
  • Participate in discussions of PACE data products related to application needs
  • Take a lead role in PACE applications research, meetings, workshops, and related activities
  • Receive simulated PACE data products & calibration/validation data from PACE field campaigns, modeling, and synergistic studies
PACE Applications Coordinators: Erin Urquhart Jephson and Joel Scott


Created with an image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Strong Extratropical Cyclone Over the US Midwest"