Florida Museum of Natural History By Kelly clark


The Frog Exhibit

My favorite exhibit at the Florida Natural History Museum was the frog exhibit. There were dozens of different frog species that were so interesting to learn about. The frogs varied from small, colorful and poisonous to huge and harmless. This was an interactive exhibit that allowed me to learn about the different noises frogs made, their unique camouflage techniques, their hunting styles, and their contributions to our environment. I was particularly appealed by this exhibit because I got to see up close the real frogs that the exhibit was teaching us about instead of just display models. Being able to see these frogs live in person at the museum allowed me to learn much more than I could have just reading about them online or by some other source. I enjoyed the museum so much because it truly invited you into the experience of learning rather than just talking facts at you.


Charles R. Knight's Studies of Lost Worlds Exhibit

This exhibit displayed paintings by Charles. R Knight of what our world looked like millions of years ago. One of the painting showed Kansas and Nebraska 30 millions years ago as a massive desert crawling with prehistoric creatures. This exhibit allowed me to rethink how I experience nature as Leopold recommends us. It reminded me how changing our earth is and how careful we need to be in protecting it.

Another exhibit that let me truly experience nature was the Butterfly Rainforest. All of the visitors in this exhibit loved spending time with the butterflies as they flew around jumping from leaf to leaf. This exhibit invited us directly into the habitat of these bugs. This left us feeling Leopold's ethical responsibly to "love, respect, and admire" the world these critters have built for themselves. I'm going to be more keen on looking out for butterflies this summer and may even try to build a butterfly habitat in my backyard.

The Butterfly Rainforest


Bear Fossil display

The Natural History Museum brings us into a world we can't experience anywhere else. Here I saw how frogs lived, how butterflies developed, walked through caves, and stood next to the fossils of incredible creatures. This type of experience humbles us and lets us take a step back to better understand the world we live in. Walking through some of these exhibits was like being transported to another part of the world in a previous era. While we may leave the museum with hundreds of questions regarding our newfound knowledge, we also leave feeling a bit more in tune with the mysteries of nature.

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