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This month, March, we began TU9. Meaning we closed up TU8 to begin a new site. TU9 will be another 2 by 4 meter pit. Throughout the day we gathered up all the needed tools to where Dr. Butler wanted TU9. Afterwards we mapped out the 2 by 4 meter pit, then cleared out the weeds and such with only using grass shers; we used those and not a lawn mower in order to prevent an artifacts from being damaged on the surface.

As mentioned before, TU9 began this past archeology dig. The first step was placing a long piece of cement that represented a datum level into the ground that faced North.

From that datum we measured 16 m North and five m east to mark where TU9 would be exactly.

Meanwhile, a few of us mapped out TU9's location.

Finally, after we were finished mapping out the unit, we cleaned up the unit by cutting the grass and weeds then removing unnecessary particles.

List of Participants...


  • Gordon Davis
  • Dr. David Butler
  • Lauren
  • Dayna


  • Hilary Cajuste
  • Siyona Cremeans
  • Ashley Gamez
  • Gabrielle Garcia
  • Isaac Hernandez
  • Misty Maxwell
  • Josue Perez


Friday, March 17, 2017 0734

John 15:17

This is what I command you that you love and selflessly seek the best in people.

  • Seek the best for each other.
  • Love your enemies, do them good.
  • Caring for your neighbors is helpful.
  • Put other's needs before your own.
  • Show love and change a life.
  • Warm others to warm yourself.

Reflection Section...

I thought it was a new and exciting Dig because we started on a new unit. Not that I got tired of doing the same thing during every archeology dig; I just think that it was nice to do something different for a change. I am looking forward to the next dig. I want to see what TU9 has to offer.


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