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Demos Shakarian helped Oral Roberts in tent ministries before incorporating him into his chapter meetings and annual convention gatherings. Kenneth Copeland, while after the era of tents, began his ministry speaking at chapter meetings. He started as a youth minister in the conventions and very soon after became a keynote speaker in the conventions.

The FGBMFI gave opportunities for many pastors to speak.

Below is Oral Roberts and Demos Shakarian

Demos Shakarian also visited Pat Robertson

His efforts in the FGBMFI included notable people such as: Johnny Cash visiting

Another convention for the FGBMFI hosted by Demos Shakarian had Ronald Reagan speaking.

Below you can see Demos and Nicky Cruz

“That’s why I say that Demos’ ‘happy Holy Spirit influence’ was so contagious that only God in Heaven will reveal the millions that were affected…and continue to be.”

— Pat Boone, Singer, Actor, and Entertainer

I would not be where I am and who I am, had it not been for Demos and Rose Shakarian.

– Benny Hinn, Pastor / Benny Hinn Ministries

Demos and Rose Shakarian at their anniversary celebration

“In the FGBMFI meetings, the Spirit was moving on people to really love God and one another … a message that Demos lived.”

— James Robison, President / LIFE Outreach International, Host / Today

I loved Demos Shakarian. The ministry of Demos Shakarian reached many, many people in the past, and I believe it will still reach many, many people in the days ahead.”

— Jerry Savelle, Jerry Savelle Ministries International

. I’m so excited that his granddaughter, Cynthia, has written this book about his life and legacy. I believe you will be blessed by it and that it will minister to you greatly.

- Jesse Duplantis,

Jesse Duplantis Ministries
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