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Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

Greetings to you all,

Today the College will formally farewell the Leavers of 2020. This event is significant in the lives of our students and their families and will be appropriately celebrated by our gathering in a Mass to thank God for the journey of the last seven years that the boys, staff and families have been on.

Our leavers have been fortunate to be educated in a warm, nurturing environment which the students often refer to as their second home; surrounded by their close friends, caring staff and with added support of their loving family.

One of the things our leavers will notice next year is that the 'wrap around' Pastoral care which has been such a strong feature of their lives at De La Salle, will be missing. However, we are happy in the knowledge that our leavers have been well prepared for a more independent focused learning, instilled in them through our College goal “to significantly improve the self-management of boys.”

We wish the leavers of 2020 our best wishes and prayers as they embark on the next phase of their lives whether it is in further education or employment.

We have not completely cut the chord from our leavers. One aspect that we have been growing at the College is the use of our old-boys as academic mentors, sport coaches, managers and benefactors of their old school. We are encouraging the connection with old-boys so they can contribute their knowledge and skills to current students. The establishment of the Lasalle Collegians as an old-boys alumni has given impetus to their connection with the College.

There is another important event happening next Tuesday 10 November, our Senior Academic Prizegiving; celebrated as a whole College for the outstanding academic achievements of our senior students and is acknowledged in a formal way.

At this community event we will also announce the College student leaders for 2021 and commission them in their leadership role with the College.

Parents are warmly invited to share in this significant event which commences promptly at 11.15am. You are asked to be seated in the MPC by 11.00am. At De La Salle “we enrol the family” and your presence in support of your son is warmly welcome.

Last Thursday the College celebrated ‘All Saints Day’, with an outstanding Mass prepared by the Special Character group. This Mass was also the chance to celebrate our founder John Baptist De La Salle, after having our first three attempts thwarted by pandemic restrictions.

We also joined with fifteen students and their families as these young men took the sacraments of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation. We thank Bishop Denis Browne and our Chaplain Fr Martin for celebrating this special Mass with our community.

The numerous College events over the last week have certainly emphasized to our young men that they are members of a very powerful and special faith tradition; one that adds depth and meaning to their lives, one that is unique to them and one that they are privileged to be able to participate in. This was further highlighted to the whole College by the challenging presentation from our visiting speaker Michael Taoai, founder of the Tau Tua movement.

The College is a bustling, vibrant community at this time; the sun on our backs and the opportunities to recognize and celebrate excellence in achievement, certainly adds to the positive mood of the school.

Friday 6 November- Leavers Mass & Supper 6.30pm Holy Cross Church

Tuesday 10 November- Senior Academic Prizegiving

Friday 13 November- Teacher Only Day

Monday 16th November- NCEA EXAMS BEGIN

God Bless

deputy principal

Mr Dermot English


Yesterday I asked a boy how he felt about school. His answer was ‘Im just grateful, just grateful to be at school’. What a great answer.

Around the world, in many countries, millions of children would love to be at school, or going outside, or playing a game, or even going to church. We have recently celebrated De La Salle Day and the Sacramental Mass. In the next week we have a Leavers Assembly, Leavers Liturgy, the School Ball and Senior Prizegiving. Sometimes we can get caught up in the stress of events and get worried about what other people are doing, but if we can simply be grateful then we can get so much more enjoyment out of what we are doing.

"I'm just grateful, just grateful to be at school"

Some ways of showing our gratitude are by being here, being well presented, behaving appropriately and being respectful as others are acknowledged.

I encourage everyone in the community to make the most of these events, and like the boy spoke with, just to be grateful with what we are able to do.


Director of Mission - Mr Denis Tutaka

Kia Orana, Fakaalofalahi atu, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Magandang Hapon and Kia Ora to you all

Last week, we celebrated our Founder’s Day as well as the All Saints Day where the sacramental programme candidates received the sacraments of Initiation. Bishop Denis Browne administered the sacraments, assisted by Fr Martin Wu. The parents were very grateful on the day with participation from everyone, the teachers, the staff, and students. This Mass is usually the start of the various upcoming events to finish off the year. A huge thanks going out to our Campus Minister, Matthew Apuda, who prepared the young men for the sacraments, to Mr Fa’alepo Vaotu’ua, who is in charge of Music Ministry, to the Eucharistic Ministers, to the parents and everyone who helped in the preparation of the event. A huge thanks to everyone who participated and celebrated with dignity on the day.

The next event is the Leaver’s Mass which will be celebrated at Holy Cross Parish and all Year 13 family and friends are invited to join us on this momentous occasion to celebrate the completion of our Year 13 students here at De La Salle College. Next Friday will be Teacher’s Only Day as staff will go on Staff Spirituality Day. The theme of the day is "He Kanohi ki te Kanohi" – face to face encounter. We pray for God’s guidance through all these events and the various upcoming events.

“Live Jesus in our Hearts! Forever!"


Assistant Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Academic Updates

NCEA Exams

NCEA Exams start 16 November and continue until the start of December. NCEA morning exams start at 9.30am. You need to be at school by 9.00am to enter the exam. Afternoon exams start at 2.00pm. You need to be at school by 1.40pm to enter the exam. You must be in school uniform. Head home straight after exams. You may need to plan different travel arrangements as afternoon exams do not finish until 5.00pm.

NCEA Admission Slips

All NCEA students require an admission slip to enter the exams. NZQA Exam Centre Manager, Mrs Barabara Warrender must confirm their identity. NZQA provide the Admission Slip. Your son will be bring the slip home this week. If your son loses his slip he can print one off his NZQA student login page. Students who have never logged in to the NZQA learner site should register now using their National Student Number (NSN) and date of birth. To prevent delays in accessing personal information (including examination results in January 2018) this should be done as soon as possible.

NCEA Results Notification

Year 11 – 13 students and families are advised that results will be available mid-January online. The NZQA website is also where he should be ordering his results and certificates in January.

Exams and Assessments

A reminder that Year 7 – 10 students will also be completing End-of-Year assessments and End-of-Year exams. Below are the topics for each exam.

Junior Exam Timetable

Student Exam Hub

Go to the NZQA Student Exam Hub at https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/ncea/ a quick and convenient way to find and access everything you'll need through your NCEA exam journey.


c/- Mr Chanel Alataua - College Social Worker

SouthSeas Healthcare Trust Promotion

Fane Monuia’s Gambling Harm Minimization Education Program.

Friday 23 October 12 De La Salle students of Year 12 met with the Southsea’s Heathcare Trust team. They were invited to the College chapel to promote and speak to potential leaders of Year 12 about the risks and challenges of problem gambling within our community.

Facilitator Fane Monuia spoke to our boys about the effects and challenges of problem gambling and how it has become a significant challenge to families and addictive gamblers.

The students responded well and looked at ways to communicate positively by being creative and also provided solutions of how we can solve this issue.

Along with some counsellors and social workers as a support network, it was great to see the boys come up with their own ways and ideas to look at minimising time spent by gambling and using quality time with something else like ‘spending time with families and friends.’

Our boys enjoyed it and each were given a food parcel, some prizes, leaflets and information packs to take away with them.

Thank you to podiatrist Ramona Frost who initiated this incentive to the schools, as we are the first school they have connected with. Thank you to Fane Monuia and the counsellors from SouthSeas, Nicole Knight our school counsellor, Ms Angel Fatu our school social worker and Mr Hurst for providing the names of boys to take part in the program. A special mention to our head of Pastoral Mr E Charles for his acceptance and support.

Next year there will be a continuation of mentoring and workshops for all our students. There is more to come and to look forward too.

Thank you

SouthSeas Healthcare Trust Program photos


2021 BYOD Information

All students can participate in the School’s BYOD Programme with approval from their parents. Device specifications needed to connect to the School’s Computer Network are listed below.

Minimum Specifications

  • 11-inch screen ideally touch screen
  • 4GB RAM memory ideally 8GB
  • 128 GB Hard Drive Ideally Solid State (SSD) to reduce risk of damage
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11n ideally 802.11ac
  • Keyboard and trackpad (mouse)
  • Battery capable of running 6 hours
  • AC Power adapter/ charger
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Audio out

Suggested Extras

  • Upgrade to 2-year warranty to include battery replacement
  • Carry bag / protective case will help with daily use
  • USB Pen Drive / Headphone

Other considerations Insure the device either household contents policy or a new separate policy.

Recommended Device The School’s recommended device for 2021 is Acer Travelmate B311 Spin and can be purchased at a discounted price from Harvey Norman’s Manukau branch

Return of Ministry of Education devices supplied during COVID-19 disruptions

All laptops need to be returned to the school library with the power cord before Monday 30 November.

The devices used this year by students in Year 13 will be reallocated to students in Year 11 in 2021.

For students returning in 2021 you will be able to collect the device available at the start of school in 2021.


“Boys Who Read Achieve”

Report by Amanda Chapman, Kristina Ah Ta and Angela Barry

On Friday 23 October the Literacy Centre took the Year 7 and 8 Millionaires, 2020 to the Auckland Zoo. During this week’s assembly there was a presentation regarding this trip. Jett Anitelea (one of the Year 8 Millionaires) and Jermaine Tutagalevao created a fantastic power point show and Marques Tominiko and Jimone Lasalo spoke on behalf of the millionaires. Below is a transcript of each student’s speech.

Talofa Lava

O lo’u igoa o Marques Tominko

Myself, as well as 20 other millionaires consisting of students from Years 7 to 8 went on a trip to the Auckland Zoo. I would just like to acknowledge those millionaires who couldn’t come on the trip due to certain reasons.

I would like to give a huge thank you to the Literacy Centre teachers for taking us on a well-deserved trip. It was great to see foreign animals such as the Borneo orangutan, an animal I’m very fond of but sad to know how it’s endangered in its own natural habitat due to palm oil plantations.

Another foreign animal we saw was the African rhino that moves gradually until it feels threatened then it will charge at you.

We all now have very fond memories from the zoo, like when the chairman of the Board of Trustees, A.K.A. my father, came to the zoo and bought us all ice-creams and ice-blocks. Another memory, not a good one but a memorable one, was when one of the school vans broke down but we all arrived back at school safe and well fed.

Once again, thank you to the Literacy Centre teachers and congratulations to all millionaires.

Fa’afetai tele lava and remember, “Boys who read achieve”.

God bless

Marques Tominiko 7AND

Malo elelei ko eku hingoa ko, Jimone Lasalo. I am one of the 21 Year 7 and 8 millionaires who, accompanied by the Literacy Centre staff, went to the Auckland Zoo two weeks ago.

Personally, the highlight for me was at the very start of our visit when we had the opportunity to encounter native Australian emus as well as wallabies who shared the same enclosure. It is a fact that we all enjoyed ourselves, that we looked after one and another but most importantly we represented our school to the best of our abilities.

From the Australian Outback to the African Safari, we not only emersed ourselves with the animals that represented the cultures of other countries but we also left with the understanding of the vulnerability, as well as the endangerment, of all these animals protected by our government.

Overall, I am sure that we were not only rewarded with a trip but with the knowledge of various animals that we might be lucky enough to meet in the future.

As Marques stated, I would like to thank the Literacy Centre as well as our families and friends who encourage us and helped us to gain our “Millionaire” status.

Malo ‘aupito and God bless you all.

Jimone Lasalo 7AND

Junior Cricket: thrilling win at St Kentigern College

Written by team manager Mr Tuiasau

Saturday 31 October the DLS Junior Cricket team travelled to St Kentigern College to take the field with only 10 players against a well-drilled and top placed St Kent Junior cricket team. Anticipation was in the air due to DLS having players who had never played cricket before, let alone held a cricket ball or bat, and had only met each other the day before. DLS won the ball toss and sent SKC into bat, who after 20 overs scored 103 runs, with an ominous 104 target for DLS to chase a win.

DLS took to the chase with Year 10 Nu’u Fineaganofo and Year 8 Victor Leota posting double figures. John-Paul Schmidt added to the drama by running straight into the wickets, but was correctly ruled 'not out'. In the 18th over, the last DLS batsman Year 9 Liam Hakeagatoa, went into bat still needing 15 runs to win. Liam hit the game’s only 6 and managed to score the winning runs with a boundary. The team were ecstatic!

Coming back from a likely defeat and showing resilience to keep going right up until the end. Team coach Mr Hakeagatoa gave the MVP to the whole team. Well done DLS, next week we take on Sancta Maria.

Junior Cricket team

Outstanding result for Year 10(M) RE class

The Religious Education Term 3 assessment task for Y10M was to prepare a stain glass image based on the life of Christ Mary or a Saint. The results were a remarkable display of colour and storytelling of a very high standard with the medium mark for the class of 80%. Well done to Year 10(M) Religious Education class.

BACK ROW - Roman Stowers, Tipene Fiu, Preston Littlechild, Billy Peto FRONT ROW - PJ Lauafitia Tiatia, Vailolo Pele, Aukustino Toeava

in the community

Beach Party - Year 7 & 8 Social


To be honest this was my first social ever. I even had to ask the boys what a social was. Little did I know that it was just that – a place to gather, socialise and dance with others. Upon arrival the whole place was lit up with neon lights. Quite a big group of us went and represented our college with pride. We came, we saw and we danced the night away. Thanks to our parents who drove us there and picked us up after. We hope to get invited to another social in the near future.



Teacher in Charge- Aaron D’Souza

Like most things in 2020 the De La Salle Tramping group was not exempt from the disruptions that were caused by COVID-19. Due to the two lockdowns and extended periods where social distancing had to be observed, we had to be flexible with the dates for our camps and had to reschedule dates for our tramps.

We managed to get two camps in during the Term 2 and Term 3 breaks. The first camp was at Barn Paddock at Karamatura in Huia. The weather was horrible the day before and the day of the camp was no better. On the drive to the campsite there was a massive downpour. As we got to the campsite we sheltered in a rundown shed. The instruction was as soon as the rain stopped we were to get the tents up quickly before it rained again. And just like that the clouds parted, the sky cleared and the rain stopped. We ran with the tent to the paddock and proceeded to construct it before the next big downpour. To our astonishment the sun came out and stayed with us for the rest of the day.

The rest of the camp included a walk to a scenic lookout, delicious camp food and hot chocolates, followed by a game of spotlight and a berma trail which had us crawling through the mud and dirt.

Our second camp was closer to home at Ambury Regional Park. We were fortunate to have great weather this time. We walked, exploring the area and engaging in various challenges along the way. We were surprised to find a small lave cave. The evening ended with a game of spotlight before we settled in for the night.

Our last two trips for the year are in Term 4. We will visit Bethells sand dunes which are around 3 stories high and our last walk for the year is the Karamatura Loop track.

We strongly recommend the tramping group for anyone who is interested. We have formed great bonds together during these trips.


CONGRATULATIONS to newly appointed BOT Student Rep Jarren Iuvale


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Thank you to all who contributed to the photos and videos for this newsletter edition. Special mention to Mrs Hay for the Mass feature photos and to all whom are graduating in the Class of 2020