Me , Myself and I By: KRISHNAN

Who am I ?

I'm krishnan , I like to help people and play basketball and bowling .

I love hearing kpop songs and English song . My favorite kpop group is TWICE yay

Sometime I cheer people up when they are upset

people close to me ....

A brother and been there for me for 4 years , sadly we only can see each other once in awhile as we are not in the same school . taken at ITE central 28/03

Things I enjoying doing and why ?

During my free time , I normally will go play basketball with my friends or go out with friends to take photograph or revise on a subject that I have learn during class

My personal value

I'm a positive thinker

I'm kind and hardworking and always have a mindset to not to give up

What I hope to be in the future is helping people and change people thinking on giving up to not to give up .

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