The cry in the wild Jebreel Mohsin

The Exposition of the book Hatchet, is Brian. Brian has trouble finding food. Also Brian has trouble with the mosquitoes getting on him so he solves that by pitting mud on his face he also solved to put mud on himself by the fire.

On of the rising actions are when the plane crashed. The second conflict is the food the shelter the mosquitoes. The third conflict is the divorce and the secret.

The climax is when Brian see's the tail of the plane and the made some transform.He transformed because he found the survival pack in the plane. The inside of the survival pack is food the survival gun and that made a lot of transformation in his life.

The falling action's is when Brian see's the tail of the plane and get the survival pack.

The resolution is when the plane crash in the forest. The problem got solved because when a other plane came and pick him home.


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