There are many beautiful places in Haiti that get many visitors, I will tell you about two of the tourist attractions. The first one is the San Souci palace. It is the picture on the top. Another place is the Musee du Pantheon.

Musee do Pantheon


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Urban vs. rural population

The Rural population of Haiti now is about 41%. Rural means that the people live more on the countryside. The Urban population of Haiti now is about 59%. Urban means that the people live more on the city or town side. This shows that there is more Urban people than Rural people in Haiti.

Interesting facts

  • In 1492 Columbus landed in Haiti and called the place Hispaniola Haiti has a monument of him.
  • Columbus thought that Haiti was Asia or India.
  • Haiti is the second oldest independent country in the Americas.
  • Fredrick Douglas was the United States ambassador to Haiti


Toussaint L'Ouverture is a symbol of peace for Haiti. His heroic effort showed that everyone deserved to be treated equal. He fought for what he believed in so for future generations. Haiti was under the french control and he risked his life to see them free. He is a great logo to the Haitian people. They respect him very much that's why he is a symbol of this country.


Haiti has a Unitary government system. The current leader of Haiti is Jovenel Moise. The citizens participate in a democracy. The economy is mixed but it leans more closer to market. The citizens get to experience many rights and freedoms in Haiti.

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Facts not mentioned

Haiti's government is a Unitary system, so they can easily find land to build a stadium. Mexico has a federal system, so it might be harder for them to find land.


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