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I like to think of myself as a very outgoing guy. I can work with almost anyone and have an energetic personality. I like working with others and hearing new ideas and building on those new ideas. I also enjoy doing new things and exploring the world we live in. Any day that goes by and I didn't learn something new is a wasted day in my eyes. I want to primary school in Wellington FL and, in 2012, enrolled in UCF. I started working at Zaxby's in 2014 as a cook and moved my way up and after a year I was an Assistant Manager with the company. It has helped me meet a wide range of people and improve my interpersonal skills. After two years at UCF I never found a course of study that I fit into. That's when I looked into Interdisciplinary studies where I could pick three different fields to study and learn how to integrate them in the modern workplace.

Below I have a copy of my resume with my contact information.

I've always been a "people person". My best traits stem from my personality and how I get along with people. As a manager for Zaxby's I have to be able to work well with others or my job would be a nightmare! I'm able to connect with others and understand what they are going through and sympathize with them. When others recognize that you understand them it's easier to get them to sympathize with you. I bring my communication skills into other aspects of my job, such as training. Not everyone learns the same way, some people need to be shown more than once or need an example before they try. Being able recognize what type of learner someone is makes all the difference.

When I was in high school I was part of the marching band, we were call the Mighty Wolverine Sound, and my senior tear I was chosen as band captain out of 200 other band members. This position came with the responsibilities of organizing evens, fundraisers, and assisting the band director in day to day activities. I developed organizational, time management, and problem solving skills while in this position and I've been building on those ever since.

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