Respiratory system Tate Deters

Respiratory system

Trachea:Carries air in and out of your lungs, Did you ever have a sip of a drink that went down the wrong pipe and you can't breathe for a couple seconds, if you take to big of bites and drinks you can choke

Bronchi:These tubes or air ways let air in and out of your lungs so you can breathe, A person with osthama and you may need to take medication called bronchodilate something that dirates the air out of bronchi tubes

Lungs/alveoli:As these millions of lungs get bigger as you breathe when its time breathe in and out keep doing that and that will help stay alive your lungs are in your chest.

Diaphragm:After it goes through your lungs it says move it how to help your diaphragm knees at your chest and breathe in and out and put your hands under your rib cage it is not shaped like a circle it is dome shaped under your lungs.

Pharynx/larynx:The throat is a muscular tube that goes down the back of your throats that and it helps you breathe drink hot milk every night during flu season.

Oral cavity/nasal cavity:The nose is made up of special cells it can help you detect if there is anything dangerous in the a such as chemicals.

Problems that can happen to the respiratory system

If you smoke your lungs may cal apse.

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