The cold wind against my face, cars beeping, me breathing heavily, I stop, get water then continue. Although running may seem boring to some people, it is a great way to exercise. So read on to find out the preparations of running, the right equipment, also the position and form of running.


One of the important preparations of running is to stretch. Always stretch before and after you run. I learned that the hard way by being cramped and sore. When you stretch before you run is to get your body loosened up and ready to run. After you run you stretch to prevent cramping and maybe a torn muscle. Another preparation is to check and prepare for the weather. In case it is cold out you could where under amour. Under amour is long sleeve shirt and and leggings. to keep you warm. And it does, when i run in cold weather I am warm because I wear under amour. If it is hot out you could where shorts and a dry fit t-shirt. It is always important to make a route before you run.


It is always great to have the right equipment when you run. Good running shoes have a strong heel and are sort of comfortable. Some good running shoe brands are New balance, Nike, Under Amour and Reebok But I wear under amour. if your feet don't want to hurt buy good running shoes. It is very important to have cold water, on a hot day so you don't get dehydrated and maybe pass out. Last time on a hot day when I was running a race a woman passed out because she didn't drink enough water. so it is very important to have the right equipment.

Position and form

It is important to have the right position and form when you run. when you run you take long strides so you get more distance when you run. Also focus on your breathing to help with short breathes and keep energy. Resit the urge to say hi when you run. It is always important to pace yourself so you have energy at the end and lot's of stamina. Also you wont burn out in the beginning. These right position and forms are important especily when you run long distances.

All in all running is a great way to exercise. Anyone can do it will you?


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