W/C 13th March 2017 Reflective general/FMP

Today we had someone come in from code masters come in to give us a presentation on the game industry as a whole, listening to the presentation has allowed me to have a better understanding of the game industry as a whole, and has helped in choosing what I want to focus on in the future, it also went more in depth on the gaming industry as a whole and has opened more knowledge that will help me develop my FMP further.

Codemasters website home page.

2 days before the presentation and I’m still putting the presentation together, we are both working on it, and we need to talk about why were doing separately. Also looking up concept art and starting to create a board on Pinterest, the board has images on concept art, graphics, textures and environment; I’m also going to get more information about unreal by using the links found on the FMP sheet and YouTube to help me have a better understanding of how to create our game.

I have just finished presenting my FMP proposal, I don't think it went that well, because when we had ran trough it, it sounded a lot better then when we actually presented it. we did our presentation in front of David and Jason and also the whole class, we were the first group presenting our proposal.

I think he had a little more tress due to use being the first group up, however once we started seeing other groups presentation their pitches, I felt that we could of done better, to improve upon I could of spoke more about the audience as I feel that I skimmed over that part in the presentation, also to improve upon I could of talked more in general as I felt I didn't express enough which I had went through before with ben.

had a person who works with VR come in and talk to use about graphics and mostly about the conception stages of the game, such as he went into detail about how he would make a stage in VR and all the stuff it has to go trough. listening to the presentation has given me a better idea of that type of industry and has helped me understand what quality's I would need to have, such as not being disappointed if my work wasn't selected or a group wanted to go in a different direction, this can help me on my FMP when I'm design stuff we ben because we can talk through it and also change ideas as we go along, I've also learnt not to throw anything away as It could be used in a different part of the game in the near future.

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