This photo is one of the first photos I edited in this class. I had to edit the crab onto a different setting by using the quick selection tool and spent time thoroughly refining, which was difficult because of the crab's hairy shell. Then, I edited settings such as saturation and brightness to color match the crab into his new setting.
For this photo, I replaced the original background of the courthouse, which was a blue sky with clouds, with a nighttime shot of fireworks. Because I changed from a daytime setting to a nighttime setting, I had to color match the courthouse so it looks like the firework's bright colors are projecting onto the building. I also incorporated the giraffe and crab from previous exercises.
For this haunted house, I first started out with a colored picture of a normal house and distorted it to make it look creepy and haunted. I also changed the sky background to be more cloudy and gloomy, added the illuminated window, and changed the picture to black and white. You can also see I added rain effects as well.
This picture definitely took me the longest to edit out of all the assignments I've done in this class; I had nearly 40 different layers. I wanted to create this strange and bizarre world in a beautiful,refined mansion because I liked the irony of it. I put a forest on the ceiling, fish hanging off the chandelier, and arms and legs coming from the two entryways on the sides. The pink reflection in the mirror (next to the Christmas tree) is an original picture I took of a crumpled up balloon.
For these two pictures, I had to take photographs and turn them into 'paintings' on PhotoShop. I thought this assignment was really cool because I learned about brushes and I never knew that this 'painted 'effect could be achieved on a computer. The left picture is of a dog chewing on a tennis ball and the right picture is of a sunset looking over the ocean.
This picture is not mine but it is inspired by Hokusai's artwork and it fits in well with my group's powerpoint theme, which is linked above.
After completing many practice exercises on Adobe Illustrator, I was finally able to create this logo without using a 'helper template'. It was a challenge because I had to form the letters separately and then merge them together so that the outline would be uniform. I then filled in the word with a red grid pattern and outlined it in dark gray.
For our final assignment in this class, we had to create cartoon characters and I chose to recreate Tweety Bird & Pikachu. These characters proved to be a challenge because sometimes a section wouldn't fill in correctly so I had to play around with different settings to get the result that I wanted; usually expanding the image or merging two different sections would fix the problem. I then added fun backgrounds to complete the pictures.
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