School Spending should it be increased?

Mr. Wayne Roth

As a retired resident of Canandaigua, and my kids all grown up, I don't believe that I should be paying more taxes into something that doesn't pertain to me or my family. If I don’t have kids that are attending school, I shouldn’t be the one paying extra out of my pocket just to support other kids. Every resident shouldn’t have to pay extra taxes for the school if their kids aren’t enrolled in the school itself. It shouldn’t be everyone’s problem in the area if kids nowadays just work instead of playing sports when millions of dollars are invested into a new field for what? It should only be certain people’s problems if they actually want to invest in those extra things for their kid to succeed.

Ms. Sherri Totem

As a teacher a part of this school, I want to see kids succeed and I wouldn't mind investing more money in my taxes so these kids can have a successful future, despite if my kids are still in school or not. All kids are hope for a better future so anybody should pitch in to help the cause. With the great benefits of technology and how easy it is to research anything you can possibly imagine nowadays, I see it as helpful for kids since they are glued to their tech day in and day out. The original ways of teaching and learning aren’t going to work forever. To see generations of kids succeed, we need to see what works for them and whatever works for them will work for any teacher trying to see their classes learning new things and also enjoy doing it despite what it is. If something involves technology, kids are always quick to enjoy it and it ends up helping them learn easier and quicker compared to the traditional styles of teaching/learning. Investing enough to support kids nowadays in education is helpful because they are the future and in order for a better future, we need to support the kids willing to do so.

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