A Dance Rehearsal by Hannah gould

Doing a show is a lot of hard work. It requires great skill and patience in order to get a finished product that everyone is proud of. The show that we just finished, Kiss Me, Kate!, by Cole Porter, is a very challenging show, choreographically. Melissa, our choreographer, has a talent in keeping the dancers in check but still allowing them to have fun learning the dances. Every rehearsal is a little bit different, whether it's the dances that we are doing, or singing all of the songs in the show for the third time. There is never just one thing going on, whether it be staging a scene or singing a song. Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the time, there are people being pulled for costumes to be tried on or there is set painting going on the stage while the cast is waiting in the audience to hear their next task. The following photos were taken from two different dances done in a single rehearsal. The photos allow the viewer an inside look into what happens behind the scenes.

It is not uncommon for the artistic directors to start talking about set pieces and costumes while we are doing choreography.

Recording previous rehearsals is one of the best ways for the cast to see what they need to improve on in their dance.

While Melissa talks to one of the dancers, other people in the cast start talking about they need help on in the same dance.

Everyone has a chance to have fun in rehearsal and sometimes, it even is choreographed into the dance.

Even in the midst of utter confusion, the dancers persevere and continue to dance.

Melissa does not just focus on the individual dancer, but how the entire cast looks dancing together. She is constantly giving critiques to the entire group to make us look better.

Melissa shows the guys how to properly lift up a girl bridal-style.

At the end of the day, all everyone cares about is kicking off their shoes and having fun.


Photo Credits to Hannah Gould

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