The spectacular Musical Theatre performance ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ was a dance and singing part in the movie ‘Rock Of Ages’. This was choreographed by Mia Michaels and included incredible techniques and theatre skills. The movement and non-movement components were also terrific and displayed the choreographic intent perfectly. It shows the goody two shoes yelling at the photo of Stacee Jax the rocker and saying to the rockers ‘hit me with your best shot’, meaning that the rockers can’t knock them down and can’t stop them from being against rock n roll. It also was eye-catching entertainment and was choreographed flawlessly.

The movement components in this performance were strong and overall amazing. Firstly, the space used in this performance was good and matched the intent nicely. There was a pyramid shape at the dance of the musical with the lead, Patricia Whitmore, at the point. As they walk down the aisles of the church, they walk in a straight line before splitting into different rows onto the church pews. Patricia was left in the middle with two other girls who were mildly focused on. They had her in the middle because she is the leader of them all and they start to spread out because it’s the build-up to the chorus and it gets more upbeat. These movements were effective and well-used for the dance. The other component, energy, was also used wonderfully. It contained hard-hitting elements but also soft and sweet moves. Things like bringing out the hand gun at a quick place making it hard-hitting. They use strong movements to show anger towards Stacee Jax then they use softer and slower movements like the body rolls. The use of this is to show that they are godly and good people. Together this displays the great energy used throughout. Overall, these movement components display the choreographic intent excellently.

'We're Not Gonna Take It! No! We Ain't Gonna Take It!'

The non-movement components used in this performance were superior and in total, exceptional. The set used in ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ was high-quality and superb. The performers were in a church filled with pews (church chairs). It also contained an organ at the front, which was next to an image of the rock-star Stacee Jax that was surrounded by candles and flowers. The goody two shoes were in a church because they are proper, prissy people and they go to church often and on this occasion to protest against Rock N Roll. They had flowers and candles surrounding the photo of him because its like his spirit was there and they were getting rid of it all. The set was incredible and looked really good. The costumes in this dance were terrific! They displayed the old times look perfectly. The dancers were wearing dresses and pantsuits in pastel colours with white heels. Some also had puffed up fringes with headbands. These were used to show what people used to wear and look like in the 80s and it was shown faultlessly and the outfits were striking. These components matched the choreographic intent and its purpose was shown greatly.

Patricia Whitmore (lead)

Overall, this performance was highly enjoyable to watch and it was very entertaining. It was a flawless Musical Theatre piece from the movie ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’. The movement and non-movement components were both amazing and displayed the meaning of the dance perfectly. The choreography was strong, fun and all together wonderful.

'Hit Me With Your Best Shot! Fire Away!'

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