Al Gurr Session Musician

As a session musician I have played for artists that are well known, for artists who think they are well known and for artists who will never be well known! However music performance is not just about the famous; it is a medium that can support and enhance other areas such as community, events, business training, cognitive development etc.

You may see me performing at a business presentation, a jazz gig, an orchestral concert, a corporate event, or on a rock gig but all will have a common denominator; musicians having a laugh!

Erin Dickens (Manhattan Transfer)

Live TV Sessions

Al Gurr accompanying Hayley Westenra Live on ITV This Morning

Al Gurr accompanying Alfie Boe Live on BBC Heaven and Earth Show

Accompanying Alfie Boe and Hayley Westenra at Canterbury Cathedral

Live in Concert

Al Gurr explains Jazz during a technical problem at a Jonathan Ansell Concert.

Tom Hill's Jazz Funk Machine - Let It Flow with Vocoder solo

Bryan Corbett at Symphony Hall

Recent Albums




"Torsche" a piece for Saxtet on the "Safer Sax" album 1993 written by Al gurr


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