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This is a village in the Sahel region

people have adapted to living in a desert area in many different ways.they wear the long flowing robes and head cloth to protect themselves from the desert Sun's heat. If they don't they will probably end up with sunburns all over their body's. Another way that people have adapted to living in the desert region is by living in a tent so that they're always ready to be on the move and shift agriculture. they have to be ready to be on the move because when the pasture in one spot is used up they need another source to feed the camels,goats,and cattle or sheep. They also have to shift agriculture because when you plant crops in one spot the ground it causes desertification and the soil dies out so people move to more fertile places. Also when you grow cash crops the soil becomes less fertile.even though their lifestyle is very difficult they have overcome many obstacles by adapting to moving around,living in a tent, and wearing long flowing robes and face clothes

This is the Ed flag

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are centripetal forces that help cooperation in different nations. One example of a centripetal forces is the trade bloc.The trade bloc is a centripetal force because without the trade bloc there would be tariffs and people wouldn't make as much money as if there was a trade bloc.Another example of a centripetal force is the euro.The euro is a centripetal force because it makes it easier for people in Europe to trade goods because they don't need to transfer to different types of currency each time.The euro is a centripetal force because it makes it easier for people in Europe to trade goods because they don't need to transfer to different types of currency each time

What is government and why is it necessary?

Government is a group of individuals who make decisions and create laws it is necessary because it keeps citizens safe and their rights protected.If there were no government there would be anarchy.When there is anarchy then lawless acts like murder and stealing are ok because nothing that tells them otherwise. Without government the president wouldn’t have any rules to follow either.This can be a major problem because that country could easily fall under dictatorship. Dictatorship can result in many problems, for example when Hitler took over he started World War Two

This represents America and our amazing government

What makes a good citizen?

Being a good citizen has many privileges and responsibilities that everybody has. For example in America everyone has the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to privacy, and trial by jury. But they also have many responsibilities like paying taxes these responsibilities come directly from the constitution and the bill of rights. Being a good citizen also requires having tolerance for the rights of other citizens. Good citizens understand both their rights and responsibilities and are grateful for them.

This shows the diversity of the citizens America


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