Donuts for Everyone Small business, Small town

One of the keys to starting a successful new business is locating it within a large enough community to provide steady consumers. Don and Pamela Gambocarto, owners of the new Yoncalla Bakery, found that the tiny community of Yoncalla was just big enough to support their thriving bakery business.

Don runs the business and technical aspect of the bakery, while his wife Pamela, bakes all of the pastries and bread.

The Yoncalla Bakery sits on Eagle Valley Rd. The building was inherited by Pamela's grandfather. Don started renovating in 2003, and came back to finish it in 2010. ORIGINALLY wanting to open a repair shop, they opened its doors as a bakery in 2016.

Don discussed the struggles of running a business with such a small population. He faces a lack of customers sometimes. And, supplies can be difficult to get since there are no local suppliers.

Pre-planning, along with the lack of overhead, however, has led to the small business’s success. The Gambocarto's don't have to pay rent as the building was inherited from Pamela's grandfather.

The whole business is run entirely by just Don and Pamela. Money is saved because of this, but things do get busy.

Pamela has to get up at 4 am to begin baking the goods. Then Don comes in at 10 to take the next shift. He later cleans up shop, and works on the accounts for the business.

The inspiration for the business came after Pamela worked at another bakery with poor management. Because of the poor management, she decided to start her business.

"I have been making cakes and baking for other companies for 17 years. I wanted to open my own shop, so I did," Pamela Gambocarto said.

The pastry rack after a busy day for the business
The kitchen where the magic is made

Don describes his business his business as a "personal satisfaction."

Having previously worked at Sandy Electronics in Portland, a business he now owns, Don said he gets the same satisfaction he did repairing electronics as he does selling pastries.

The building used to be a phone company for the town in the 1950's

The bakery sells as much as 70 to 100 pastries a day. Some popular choices maples bars and the jalapeno bagels.

The bakery often donates pastries to any bake sales for Yoncalla High School. School color donuts are also prepared for YHS, along with colored ones for Drain and Elkton.

"I'm very proud of the Work she does" - Don Gambocarto REFERRING to his wifes pastries
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